Why Does The Future Of Fitness Include Hybridisation?

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Hybridity is a natural progression because functional fitness crosses a lot of disciplinary boundaries. It is about time that the spaces in which we work out also become more integrated as well as versatile to suit our wide variety of fitness preferences.

Why should you need to maintain two gym memberships to practice yoga or kickboxing, in addition to being able to do your circuit – as well as your cardio training at a commercial gym? Hybrid gyms are the functional response to the manner in which one-dimensional fitness routines and spaces just don’t cover all your fitness requirements in one solution.

The hybrid model is the fitness technique of the future. This concept crosses over conventional boundaries and encompasses the unexpected. While size may vary, it combines elements of commercial, boutique and functional fitness design in order to build an innovative, no-holds-barred fitness space. It accommodates a variety of fitness needs, but does not box itself in. The hybrid-gym owner loves all type of fitness and has the vision to combine various fitness disciplines into one solution.

What Is A Hybrid Fitness Business Model?

No, we’re not speaking about your car. Basically put, a hybrid fitness business model means that there’s not one-size-fits-all style for managing your fitness business. It’s a manner for your clients to take advantage of your expertise, without compelling them into a set schedule. It also offers a more personal approach as well as focused planning for your clients. Here’s what it looks like:

  • In-studio: Offer in-studio, in-person, or outdoor alternatives to train your clients on a set schedule at the location you choose.
  • Virtual services: Provide online classes via Zoom and on-demand, so that clients can access your content on their own time, from anywhere that they need to.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - hybridisation

Things To Consider With A Hybrid Fitness Business Model

The industry has transformed and so have your clients. Sticking to your old ways means that you’ll lose business – quite quickly. Think about a hybrid fitness business model as a safety net for revenue. Not everyone will feel absolutely comfortable about in-person visits yet, so making the move online is a must for your bottom line. But what if businesses need to shut down again? With a steady stream of clients making use of your online services, you’ll keep clients and make sure that you keep them safe with a hybrid business model.

Applying a hybrid fitness business model means staying connected to your members irrespective of time or distance. It shows your degree of commitment to your fitness business’ success. It solidifies your confidence in the individuals who have invested in it.

So, if fostering growth for your members through achievable and lasting goals is your number one concern in the fitness industry, your fitness business strategy is only just as good as your ability to offers honest and timely information to your members. Making use of a hybrid fitness model in today’s tough market will assist you to reach more people, offer more solutions, all while allowing you to do what you do best.

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