Why Fitness Bootcamps Have Become all the Rage

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You’ve probably been noticing small gatherings of people in local parks, getting some early-morning or evening training in the open air. These fitness bootcamps have been springing up everywhere, having taken off faster than a viral video. They have remained as popular since. As their popularity grows, many are turning to bootcamps for an alternative (though no-less challenging) approach to reaching their fitness goals. Something that injects a fair amount of enjoyment, competitiveness and accountability into the whole affair. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one yet, then you should know that there are a number of good reasons why personal trainers and the average person are both turning to bootcamps. This is because they have a multitude of benefits to offer.

Bootcamps are Extremely Effective

Let’s be honest. The most important aspect of any approach to working out is how effectively it can yield results. Over the years there have been countless attempts at trying to hack how to get the body you want. But without being invasive, none of them ever amount to much.

While bootcamps by no-means make exercise any easier, they definitely yield results:

  • Workouts conducted during fitness bootcamps are modelled closely after routines performed in military bootcamps. This gives you an idea of their potential to transform your body!
  • They work by targeting muscles, combining fitness and strength, and require constant movement, accountability, and a whole range of other aspects that add to their effectiveness. This ensures \that bootcamps yield results for people with all sorts of fitness goals.

Bootcamps give an All-Round Workout

As briefly mentioned above, fitness bootcamps combine a number of different exercises and forms into single sessions to provide a holistic approach to working out. These include:

  • Running and jogging;
  • Push-ups, sit-ups and chin-ups; as well as
  • Resistance training.

On top of that they include intensive aerobic conditioning and a targeted total body workout.

This combination of specialised movements, aerobic activity and strength-building make bootcamps effective while also keeping each session interesting.

An additional benefit to the types of exercises performed in a bootcamp is that sessions require very little equipment since most of the workouts are modelled using your own body weight. Wherever equipment is required, however, the personal trainer conducting the course will generally supply what is needed.

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Bootcamps are Just Plain Fun

There are many enjoyable forms of exercises and what may look like fun to one person might not to another. However, by their very nature, bootcamps are genuinely enjoyable – no matter your fitness level. These workout sessions take l conducted outdoors in wide open spaces, which already makes a bootcamp far more enjoyable and interesting than working out at the gym.

They also take place in groups, which doesn’t always sound like the best way to work out but exercising in a group does have a lot of advantages as you’ll push yourself a lot harder by activating your competitive streak and encouraging you to be accountable for your fitness goals.

They are Facilitated by Personal Trainers

Perhaps one of the reasons why bootcamps are so popular is that they are generally facilitated by an accredited personal trainer. Anyone who has ever struggled to meet their fitness goals can attest to the boost that a trainer can give you whether it be through motivation or simply with a more structured workout schedule and eating plan.

A good bootcamp offers its clients these kinds of services. They are a popular choice because people get the expert advice and attendance that they would from a personal trainer. Bootcamps are indeed an invaluable service in the fitness industry.

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