Why is it important to regularly exercise ?

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Any activity that makes the muscles move and burns calories is defined as exercise. Our bodies are made to move and be active. We can develop problems if we sit in front of the TV or our desks most of the day. That is why exercise is important in our daily lives.

Benefits of regular exercise

There are numerous physical and mental benefits to be gained from exercise.

Improves mental health

It has been proven that exercise helps to improve your mood. Exercise causes the brain to release serotonin and norepinephrine which regulates and decreases feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.

Exercise also increases the brain’s production of endorphins. This reduces the feeling of pain and helps to produce positive emotions.

Your mental health benefits from exercise regardless of the intensity.

Helps with weight loss

Exercise helps you to control and manage your weight. It burns calories, which helps you to lose weight. Strict and constant exercise will burn more calories. Simple exercises will burn less but still impact your weight loss positively. Combining aerobic exercises and resistance training maximises fat loss.

Increase in energy levels 

Exercising regularly is a great energy booster. It helps oxygen flow better through your body giving you a rush of energy. It also helps your stay energised by increasing your stamina levels and decreasing feelings of fatigue.

Brain health and memory 

Exercise increases heart rate, which improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain. This helps increase brain function, memory and thinking ability.

The growth of brain cells can also be enhanced by the production of hormones which exercise helps create.

It is important for older adults to exercise regularly to prevent chronic diseases that can affect the brain and its functioning.

Exercise reduces changes in the brain that can cause Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

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Helps build and maintain strong muscles and bones

Paired with sufficient protein absorption, exercise – such as weight-lifting – can encourage muscle-building.

Exercise promotes the release of hormones that helps muscles to absorb amino acids which assist muscles grow and keeps them from breaking down.

To reduce the loss of muscle and maintain strength as you get older it is important to exercise regularly. Ageing causes muscles to lose mass and function. This can lead to disabilities and injuries.

At a younger age exercise helps to build bone density and helps to counter osteoporosis when you get older.

Physical Fitness

Exercise doesn’t just assist you with weight loss, it helps to keep you healthy. Your overall level of fitness increases with regular exercise. An increased level of fitness helps to boost your immune system and helps you with fighting off illnesses such as the common cold or flu.

There are many benefits to reap from regular exercise. It can enhance a number of aspects of your life. Besides the immediate benefits that are gained, over the long term, it can help to prevent diseases such as heart disease as well as diabetes. Any activity which gets your heart rate up and sweating a bit will be good for your health!

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