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Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat”? In other words, if you don’t eat healthily and cleanly you won’t end up being healthy. The same holds true for exercise as well as fitness. The more you do exercises, the fitter it is that you’ll end up being.

Staying fit as you get older assist you with your longevity as fitness ultimately helps you to live a healthier life for a longer period of time. Before you think that we’ve discovered the fountain of youth, there are scientifically-backed studies that show maintaining your fitness levels as you get older will contribute, in a positive manner, towards your longevity. Here’s why we say this.

Remaining fit helps to keep your organs functioning well

It is a proven fact that if you remain fit as well as healthy, your internal organs will work well. This will make sure that you keep healthy well into your golden years.

Take, for example, performing regular cardiovascular exercise for example running on the treadmill or – alternatively – taking part in a spin class. This kind of exercise ensure that your heart as well as lungs, among other parts of your body, function as they are supposed to.

As a consequence, these two body organs will become fitter. This means that doing regular cardio exercise will make you less susceptible to heart diseases such as coronary artery disease or – alternatively – congestive heart failure. Thus, ensuring that you maintain your levels of cardio fitness will certainly help to make sure that you have increased longevity!

 Maintaining fitness levels enhances muscle tone

Regularly doing strength as well as resistance training helps to maintain your muscle tone. This kind of training doesn’t just include lifting weights or, alternatively, working out using weight machines. Exercise formats – such as Pilates – also fall in the category of resistance training because you make use of your own body weight to resist against. This is as opposed to weight training where you use the weights as a type of resistance.

The more muscle tone that you have – especially as you get older – the younger-looking you will be. This is because your skin will be firmer as well as more supple. Although your birth certificate says that you’re getting older, you won’t look like it!

Resistance training assists with maintaining bone density

Performing resistance training will assist you with maintaining your levels of bone density. This means that if you have high bone density levels you will be less likely to suffer from crippling diseases when you get older. An example of such a disease is osteoporosis. Thus doing resistance training – as well as maintaining your fitness levels – most definitely helps to promote your longevity!

Exercise assists with reducing stress

 Today, we are all susceptible to stress – whether it be at work, at home or in our communities that we live in. The impacts of stress can be completely debilitating. These impact can also cause us to suffer, more often, from diseases such as the common cold to – at the other end of the spectrum – a heart attack.

When we go through our exercise routine, endorphins are discharged. These assist us with calming down and relaxing – and so doing away with the negative effects of stress. These could ultimately end up causing you to die. Thankfully, exercise’s stress-busting properties could literally help you to live longer.

 Exercise will assist you to sleep better

 It’s been proven that exercise will help you to sleep better. This means that you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed as well as better able to undertake the challenges that the day has for you.

You can easily identify people who don’t sleep properly. They have deep black rings under their eyes, their skin appears puffy and, in addition, their concentration wanders constantly. As they don’t get a good night’s sleep, it is more likely that they’ll move throughout the day not being focused. This lack of focus as well as concentration could eventually lead to them being the cause of a fatal car accident and being killed as a consequence.

How much exercise should I perform in order to improve my longevity?

 It is not required that you become a professional athlete or, alternatively, a bodybuilder in order to reap the longevity consequences of being fit. A very modest amount of physical activity – such as a placid walk around the grounds of your office park at lunchtime or using the stairs as opposed to  the lift – will assist you with maintaining your fitness levels. The trick is to keep to a steady level of exercise as if you don’t work out for a while and then begin to exercise vigorously, it is more likely that you’ll do serious harm to your body.

Keeping up your fitness levels will assist you with living a longer and more productive life. Choosing a form of exercise which you enjoy will assist you with sticking with it. Want to learn more about the benefits of being fit and healthy?

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