Four reasons why nutrition is so important

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Have you ever stopped to consider how you prepare your food? Or why we eat, at all? Nutrition isn’t just a fancy word for dieters – it’s what we engage with when we plan a meal, prepare it, and then eat it! It’s what we do when we choose one type of sandwich bread over another.

Here’s why nutrition is more important than you might have thought.

1. Food fuels you

You can’t survive without food. Your body requires the calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals you get from food in order to function.

Even reading this article requires your muscles (and your brain) to work – something that’s impossible without food to fuel it!

2. You are what you eat

If you eat chips, sweets, cakes and take-aways every day then it won’t be long before your body starts to resemble your diet: Greasy, dirty and sluggish.

When you understand food – and more importantly, what the different foods do for your body – you can start to make the right choices about what to eat (and how much of it to eat, too).

When you get this right, your body becomes the pristine machine it should be!

3. Food fights for you

Scientists have been preaching for some time now, about the role that food plays in helping the body manage and prevent diseases. From cancer, to diabetes and heart disease – your diet can have a massive impact on your ability to fend off diseases (or manage them more effectively).

Understanding which foods have the best disease-fighting components means you can be healthier, for longer.

4. Food can build the body you want

Whether you want to pack on muscle, or get rid of the padding over your six pack, food plays a super important role. In both cases, your diet is of paramount important. So again, understanding nutrition is key to achieving your physique goals.

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