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If you like to exercise and fitness, even a little, you will probably have noticed the rise of resistance bands! It seems that everybody out there has jumped on the bandwagon and the latex bands are everywhere – wide, thin, branded, and colourful, they seem to be the next big thing when it comes to fitness. But what is the big deal with these stretchy bands? In this article, we will be breaking down why resistance bands have gained so much popularity and why these are a great addition to your workout routine.

What Are Resistance Bands?

There are three main types of resistance bands: tube bands, flat bands, and loop bands.

Tube Bands (or resistance tubes) are usually thin, flexible tubes with handles on both ends, allowing them to be anchored to objects for a wide range of movements. The handles also allow for easy grip and comfort.

Flat Bands are thin flat pieces of latex that come in various levels of resistance. These are probably the most commonly used as well as least expensive types of resistance bands that are often used for rehabilitation from injury or to aid in stretching.

Loop Bands (or pull up bands) are becoming more and more popular, particularly amongst fitness enthusiasts. These bands are a fixed loop (like a big rubber band) and are useful adding resistance to your workouts.


Why Are They So Popular?

  1. Inexpensive And Easy To Get

Resistance bands are very affordable, in comparison to other workout equipment. You can buy flat bands for very little money if you want to give them a try and can buy loop bands or tube bands for relatively cheap if you want to incorporate more band training into your routine.


  1. Use Anywhere

They are super easy to pack into a bag or store in a cupboard – so taking them with you to the gym, on a hike, on holiday, to a race or sports match, or just keeping them at home, will be extremely easy and convenient.


  1. Stretching And Rehabilitation

One of the major benefits of resistance bands is their ability to assist in stretching. Even if you are not recovering from any particular injury, the added resistance that they provide can help you to increase your range of motion and your general flexibility.

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  1. Full Body Workout And Muscle Tone

Adding resistance into your workout routine is the best way to see results. You can use the resistance bands in so many ways, allowing you to work harder in every part of your body. They can also assist in muscle definition and tone by allowing you to focus on specific muscles.


  1. Progress And Adaptation

Possibly one of the greatest pluses is the ability of resistance bands to grow with you as you progress – whether you are regaining strength from an injury or just wanting to improve your fitness. All of the various types of bands come in many variations of resistance – allowing you to up the resistance as you improve, instead of plateauing in your progress.

These are just a few of the reasons why resistance bands are gaining such popularity in the fitness world. If you only take away one thing, keep in mind that resistance bands are for everyone! They are easy to use, affordable to buy. They can be used by anyone for any type of movement, from yoga and Pilates to strength training and stretching – resistance bands will assist you with reaching your goals and improve your overall fitness.

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