Why Is Personal Training So Popular?

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Let’s face it, working out is tough. Whether you’re an athlete or just starting out, sticking to a strict workout schedule can start to feel like a chore. Luckily there’s a cool way to help you meet your fitness goals and stay motivated. This magical solution is personal training.

A few decades ago, personal training wasn’t something regular folks would consider. But nowadays it isn’t just for athletes, Hollywood stars and models. And it’s about time too. Getting help with your fitness regime from a personal trainer has loads of benefits for everyone. So it’s not surprising that it’s become so popular.

What exactly is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers love everything related to health and fitness. They are certified professionals who have an extensive knowledge of general fitness, what workouts to recommend and how to help clients execute their workout effectively. Their primary goal is to oversee a client’s overall fitness and workout plan is a private capacity or at a fitness facility, like a gym. Your personal trainer serves as a friend, a coach and mentor.

Do I really need a personal trainer?

There is no definitive answer to this question. But the benefits of having a personal trainer are second to none. Here’s why… Personal trainers are passionate about their craft which allows them to be a great source of motivation for clients. They carry out fitness assessments which help to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Trainers also assist with other aspects of wellness such nutrition guidelines, stress management techniques and general health tips.

The Benefits of Personal Training

There are lots of reasons why personal training is so popular. No matter what your fitness requirements are, a personal trainer can play an essential role in helping you achieve your specific goals. Here are a few reasons why having a personal trainer can be beneficial to your overall health and fitness.

  • Fitness Education

There’s a right way and wrong way to exercise and figuring out what works can be very complicated. If you don’t get the exercises right, you increase your risk of injury and you definitely won’t achieve your goals. Fortunately, personal trainers are professionals who are well versed in teaching others how to exercise correctly. This will reduce your risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of your workout.

  • Achieve Correct Form

We all know how important form is when exercising. It can be difference between meeting your workout goals and a nasty injury. A personal trainer will be able to demonstrate and help you achieve the correct posture and form right from the start in order to maximise your workout results.

Trifocus fitness academy - personal training

  • Customised Personal Training Plan

No one enjoys every single type of exercise. Some might prefer a run on the treadmill while others prefer the rowing machine. A personal trainer will be able to customise your training plan to include what you enjoy. They will also motivate you to do exercises that aren’t so fun but are best suited to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Setting Goals

We live in a world of instant gratification. Unfortunately that doesn’t apply when it comes to fitness. Meeting your workout goals takes a long time which makes it easy to get discouraged. A trainer can help you to pace your goals realistically and keep you on course to achieve those goals.

  • Good Habits

It takes a long time to break bad habits on your own. It can be easy to slide back and even give up. A personal trainer can be your inner voice, encouraging you to stick to good habits and not give up.

  • Challenge Means Motivation

Once you’ve established a workout routine it’s easy to become bored over time, especially if you’ve reached a plateau in your fitness. A personal trainer can help you push past that plateau to move on to the next level by giving you more challenging workouts and motivating you to do your best.

When you sign up for personal training you get a workout trainer, a life coach, a nutritionist and personal cheerleader all wrapped up into one awesome human. They help you to achieve your goals faster by providing unlimited support and encouragement on your fitness journey.

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