Why Resistance Training Will Help To Stop Muscle Loss

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The human body has a naturally occurring amount of muscle that’s determined by genetics, gender, and age. You can train your body (through resistance training) in order to increase the amount of muscle by performing exercises that stimulate muscle growth. Nevertheless, how much your muscles grow in response to work or resistance training will still depend on your gender, age, and genes.

Having strong muscles only just make you look as well as feel good. Getting your muscles into great  shape will improve nearly every aspect of your life. This is because building muscle is good for your:

  • Heart,
  • Joints, as well as your
  • Mind.

And it doesn’t take hours of lifting heavy weights or loading up on protein powder to do it.

More About Muscle Mass And Genetics

In bodybuilding and resistance training, people who don’t naturally carry or easily enhance muscle are often termed as “hard gainers”. This may sound a little bit derogatory however it’s more a statement of fact because people with a lean, as opposed to a solid natural build, are scientifically categorised as ectomorphs. The more muscular builds are mesomorphs. Those who naturally carry more fat might be endomorphs.

But don’t panic!

There are many shades in between these definitions. You are not necessarily intended for a life of a skinny ectomorph, although ectomorphs are probably never going to be Mr/Mrs Universe, steroids aside.

Lift Weights Regularly

When it comes to revitalising muscles, resistance training is absolutely key. Although a number of adults exercise, a 2016 survey found that 57% preferred cardio, while only 24% lift weights. Evidence has really shown that doing resistance training exercises can help you maintain your muscle.

Lift weights you can lift between eight and 12 times. Once you are able to lift a weight for more than 12 times for a specific move, increase the amount. Focus on your whole body—think arms, chest, back, legs, and abdominals. Don’t rule out strength-building classes such as yoga and Pilates.

Eat Well

While consuming sufficient amounts of protein is important, heavy trainers (such as athletes) might need a little more protein, eating sufficient amounts of energy is probably even more important.

If you don’t eat (as well as drink) sufficiently in order to maintain your body weight in a manner consistent with how much energy you expend in day-to-day living, plus physical activity, you will lose muscle and probably bone. This is in addition to fat of course. It may be a little tricky losing fat while maintaining muscle however weight training certainly helps you to hang onto that muscle in those circumstances.

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