Why study Sports Administration with Trifocus Fitness Academy?

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Is it your life’s ambition to work within the sports industry? The field of sports administration is growing in leaps and bounds because of the current need for professionalism in the sports and fitness arena.

Many sports coaches worldwide are well known for their skills and expertise in a particular sport, but often neglect the administration side of being a good coach. After all, to be a successful coach you need a sound knowledge of sports administration, which includes having good communication and excellent business skills.

So, why not register for Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Soccer Coaching course and get a Sports Administration course for FREE (for a limited time only).

Both courses will teach you how to:

  • Apply administrative skills and knowledge
  • Apply professional values and ethics
  • Describe what professional values are
  • Explain what a ‘sports-related’ multi-disciplinary team is
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy & physiology and principles of exercise training
  • Conduct basic coaching of beginners to soccer
  • Plan practice sessions and teach basic motor skills
  • Operate as a professional coach

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The career opportunities are endless with Soccer Coaching and Sports Administration certifications from Trifocus Fitness Academy. Don’t hesitate – register for our special offer today and become the best sports professional you can be!

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