The best pre- and post-workout foods

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You work out like a gladiator. But are you eating the right workout foods? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the best foods to eat before and after your workout.

Four super pre-workout foods

Before your workout, you want foods that’ll give your muscles fuel but won’t slow you down. Don’t over eat on your pre-workout foods or you’ll feel nauseous.

Avoid fats – they take long to digest and will simply make you feel sluggish. Likewise, avoid sugary treats and sweets – the sugar rush does you no favours.

Also, eat these foods about 30 minutes before your workout, for best results.


They’re loaded with healthy carbs which will give your muscles the fuel they need. Plus, they contain high levels of potassium, which plays a role in healthy muscle contractions and nerve function.


Greek yoghurt, especially, is packed with protein. However, protein isn’t digested and absorbed quickly enough to fuel your workout. So we recommend you eat it with fruit to get a kick of carbs.


These digest slowly (high fibre), so they’ll give you a slow and steady supply of carbs.

Wholewheat bread

Top a slice of wholewheat bread with say, sliced meats (turkey or pastrami, for example), eggs, fish paste or a good quality nut butter. The bread provides slow-digesting carbs while the topping offers protein.

Four fabulous post-workout meals

After your workout, your body needs protein and carbs to help muscles recover (or grow) and also nutrients, to replace those lost in the workout process.

If you’re trying to pack on more muscle, then eat about 30 grams of each (protein and carbs) within 15 minutes of the workout. If you’re working out to lose weight, then you can wait longer to nibble.

Grilled chicken and veg

The lean protein in the chicken will support muscle recovery while the nutrients in the veggies will replace nutrients you may have lost during the workout. Drizzle them with olive oil for an added dose of healthy fats (read: Omegas). Remember that these fats help you absorb fat soluble nutrients more efficiently (vitamins A, D, E and K).

Fruit salad and yoghurt

Aside from serving as a healthy source of carbs, fruit are a delicious source of enzymes and nutrients that are easily digested and absorbed. And if you’ve just pushed your body hard, you’ll need them to repair and soothe muscles. Don’t forget to include anti-oxidant rich berries, digestion-boosting kiwi and anti-inflammatory pineapple.

Chocolate milk

No, we’re not kidding. Chocolate milk contains protein, carbs and the stuff you lose through sweat (sodium and water). It also has calcium in it – a mineral that’s essential for healthy muscles and bones.

Omelette with veggies and cheese

The eggs deliver the protein required for muscle recovery. The veggies give you carbs, fibre and a range of healthy nutrients needed to keep you healthy. The cheese not only contains protein; it also contains calcium, which is essential for muscle health.

Eggs contain healthy fats

There you go – now you’re eating like a gladiator too!

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