Yoga and the Paradox of Life

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These are indeed challenging times we are living in and the practice of Yoga can help us overcome these. For some it feels like we are in our darkest hour before the dawn and yet some are already living in the light. It may be just our perception but we have attracted into our lives everything we need for personal growth and it is only through chaos and challenge that we emerge.

If you look at any great leader or successful person they have all experienced some kind of breakthrough. Life was designed like this. We would know up without down, dark without light, pain without pleasure, joy without sorrow. This exciting and crazy journey we called life can take you from experiencing such joy to total sadness in a heartbeat or from being focused and driven to lost and discouraged.
Such is the paradox of life.

We were born to live abundantly rich, healthy and prosperous lives. We didn’t come here to be perfect, we came from perfect and that is where we will return. We came to be human. But what does that mean exactly?

  • Being human is about experiencing that which the soul already knows.
  • We have come here to love, to have our hearts broken and to learn to love again.
  • We have come here to heal and grow.
  • We have come to learn how to forgive and to be tested beyond limits so that we can practise unwavering faith.


Practising Yoga teaches us to treat our limitations with love and kindness but to push through the challenges so that we may grow. Yoga helps us find the balance between love and compassion and pushing ourselves through the challenge so that may emerge lighter and more connected. Yoga is not a destination but rather a journey and it’s what happens to us on the way that defines us. Here are some tips to cope better with the paradox of life:

  • Avoid negativity,
  • Be grateful,
  • Count your blessings,
  • Be close to nature as often as you can,
  • Hug a tree,
  • Play,
  • Sing out loud,
  • Dance like no one’s watching,
  • Listen to great music,
  • Drink lots of water,
  • Eat healthy food,
  • Breathe,
  • Exercise,
  • Do one thing every day that makes someone else smile, and
  • Take time out to relax.

Simply put – practise Yoga, even better…play Yoga!

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