Personal training is a booming industry. Why? Because people are increasingly becoming more and more concerned with their health and fitness. This means that personal trainers out there are in hot demand – and this trend isn’t showing signs of going anywhere soon. In the articles in this section of the blog, we take a look at the various aspects of the personal training industry and how you can succeed in this arena.


Why Should You Stretch More Often?

You may be thinking that it’s extremely challenging to carve out time in your schedule for exercise, let alone for stretching. However most cardio and strength-training programmes cause your muscles to tighten. That’s why it’s…
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How To Enhance Your Soccer Fitness

Few team sports around are as physically demanding as soccer is. The average professional soccer player now covers over 10km in a 90-minute match. At the moment, it’s not just about increasing lung capacity.  The…
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How To Do The Perfect Pull-Up

One of the most baffling components about the pull-up might be explaining why—why are we caring so much about doing a pull-up in the first place? Why not just concentrate on the lat pull-down? The…
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What is the PACER fitness test?

The PACER (which stands for Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) test is a variation of the Beep Test. The PACER is part of the FitnessGram and Brockport test families. The FitnessGram PACER Test is a…
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How To Live Longer With Exercise

When it comes to exercise, our reasons for doing so are often related to losing weight, getting fit and reducing the risk of developing certain diseases. What we’re yet to factor in is the detail…
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