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It’s not new news that Pilates does absolute wonders for your physical health. It is one of the best ways for you to get in shape and get in shape quite quickly. Say “hello” to abdominals like you’ve never seen before and a workout which will have you feeling exhausted in a way you could have never imagined — particularly when this workout has you doing moves as slowly as possible. There’s undoubtedly no doubt in our minds that you will love the physical results from your Pilates classes.

If you have never tried out a Pilates session, chances are good you may have a few ideas of what a class entails as well as the common benefits. While Pilates hasn’t quite gotten the popularity that yoga has in recent years, many fitness experts will eagerly attest to the advantage that a Pilates practice offers – in both your body and mind.

Pilates is so effective as well as so powerful, that when taught properly, it can make your whole body stronger in addition to more flexible in absolutely no time at all. Aside from strength and flexibility, Pilates can help with everything from improved posture to improved breathing, greater mood as well as visible weight loss and tone. The effects can even be felt after just a single class. After a week or month, chances are very good that you will be hooked for life!

Say Goodbye To Back Pain

Unlike many other different types of workouts, Pilates will not cause you to have back problems. In fact, one of the chief focuses in Pilates is making sure that your back remains strong as well as safe. You’ll hear your instructor say, during the class, to pull your abs into your ribs. This is done to protect your back (and it doesn’t hurt that this assists with keeping your abs engaged, which means that you’re strengthening at the same time). Through keeping your spine correctly aligned and breathing the correct way during Pilates, you will be doing wonders for your back.

Say “Hello” To A Far More Relaxed Mind

You might not think of Pilates class as a method of meditation; however you’ll quickly find out that it is. As the moves in Pilates are so intentional – and need so much focus to perform correctly and reap all the benefits, you’ll need to have a calm mind as well as focus your attention on what is staring you in the face.

You don’t have the mental space to think about what’s on your list of things to do or stress about anything that isn’t Pilates-related. To keep your body engaged – as well as get the most out of your class – you’ll need all your mental energy and attention on the moves that your body is doing.

The great thing about this aspect is that it will not only give you that sense of meditation and “unplugging” during the Pilates class, but it will give you the tools – as well as the practice- to take that concept of concentrating on your body and breath into the rest of your day-to-day life.

This means a calmer mind and more complete zen sense of self.

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