Why Pilates is One of the Best Anti-Ageing Exercises

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We see it all the time, people trying to find a way to stop ageing, reverse ageing, or in some way cheating the burden of time. An exercise to reverse ageing might seem like a fairy tale and seems way too good to be true but there is something close. You have probably heard about Pilates and seen the strange-looking reformer machines circulating on Instagram, but what you might not know is the benefits of this workout routine for your body and your mind.

In general, any kind of workout or fitness regime is a way to feel better and reduce the signs of ageing. Pilates is a great choice because it is accessible for everyone, regardless of your fitness level, flexibility, or age.

Standing Up Straighter

When we think of the implication of ageing on the body we usually think about going grey and gaining wrinkles, but what we often forget is what a difference bad posture can make to appearance. Not only does poor posture give the illusion of age physically, it can mentally make you feel uncomfortable and older than you are. Pilates focuses on improving your bodily alignment and posture, strengthening your muscles and allowing you to stand taller and feel better about yourself.

Strengthen and Lengthen

Pilates is also a good way to combat another thing that happens to us when we age: muscle deterioration. While that sounds scary, it is a natural part of ageing and happens gradually over time. However, if you do not stay active you stand a chance of developing further injuries and problems such as osteoporosis. Pilates is a nice, easy way to keep your body moving, retain flexibility, and improve your muscle tone.

Prevent Instead of Fix

Another problem that comes with age is that injuries can become more frequent and can have longer-lasting impacts on your body. While, as mentioned above, any kind of exercise can help to keep you feeling younger, Pilates is particularly good because it is a low-impact workout that exercises the body as a whole. Other workouts can place focus on one specific body area during a workout, and this can lead to imbalance in muscle groups and a higher likelihood of pain following workouts. Pilates allows you to work all of your muscles every workout, ensuring that you are not putting too much stress on your body in specific areas. All of this means that you are working to prevent further injuries and remain as strong and flexible as possible.

 Mental Age is More Important

Lastly, and possibly the most important anti-ageing thing that Pilates can give you, is better mental strength. Pilates workouts focus on building a connection with your body and understanding the way that the moves which you perform help to strengthen your muscles. Building awareness of your body and connecting with yourself with guided breathing can improve your ability to move and be active in your daily life. Exercise routines like Pilates also help to keep your mind sharp and focused, while reducing your risk of mental illness and depression.

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