The benefits of weight training for women

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Visit any gym and you’ll see the dudes lining up to use the free weights. But only one or two women (and they’re usually there with a personal trainer or a boyfriend!).

Women have, historically, avoided weights and weight training, for lots of reasons. There’s the belief that weight training is a masculine pursuit (kind of like baking is a feminine pursuit). There’s also the misguided belief that weight training creates puffy, body-builder muscles that aren’t very feminine.
But actually, there are a number of reasons why women should do weight training. And looking more toned and lean is just one of them!

Take a look.

1. It helps you burn more fat

Various studies have found that women who included weight training into their exercise and diet regimes burned more fat than women who did not. That’s because weight training encourages lipolysis – the breakdown of fat in the body.

2. AND boosts your metabolism…

Weight training increases your basal metabolic rate (or the rate of metabolism when you’re resting), for up to 24 hours after a training session. This means that you burn more calories (and fat) during the workout, and continue to burn them at a higher rate for 24 hours after the workout.

3. So you burn more fat even when you’re sleeping

Weight training results in an increase in muscle mass. And muscle burns more calories than fat. So the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even while you’re asleep.


4. It makes you stronger

Having strength makes life easier. It means you’re able to do more.

But, contrary to popular belief, it won’t give you hulking muscles. Because, as a woman, you lack the hormones that turn weight training into puffy muscles.

5. It fights depression and beats stress

Exercise – including weight training – releases endorphins (your body’s natural happy hormones). And these go a long way to warding off depression and stress.

And since stress is a major contributor to ageing and disease, you should be doing everything you can to manage it.

6. It reduces your risk of injury

Weight training strengthens your muscles. And these, in turn, protect your body from injury. For example, if you have a strong core, you’re less likely to suffer from lower back pains and injuries. Plus, weight training also strengthens the ligaments, tendons, and joints (as well as increasing bone density), and this also translates to lower risk of injury.

7. It makes you healthier

As we just mentioned, weight training increases bone density. And since is more prevalent in women than in men, it’s imperative that women remain to engage in weight training to avoid it. Weight training, when mixed with cardiovascular training, helps you combat high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

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