How Strength Training Can Improve Your Golf Swing

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Comprehensive strength training programmes for individual sports are “periodised” in order to provide a progressive as well as an interactive training programme. The term ‘periodisation’ means that the programmes are broken up into three or four phases during a 12-month cycle with each phase concentrating on a specific area of fitness development.

For professional sports that make use of weights in their training (which is just most sports), each phase will have different objectives. In addition, each consecutive phase builds on the previous one. For travelling professionals, golf is a little different from most other sports. If you move from continent to continent in order to try and get ahead of the weather, you could pretty much play all the year round. Wherever you go, a strength training programme is an essential part of your season.

What Is Sports Specialisation?

In the world of strength training, the term “sports specialisation” is thrown around a lot. The only way that you can truly specialise in a sport is to play the sport.

Golf is no different and – owing to the intricacies of the swing – it becomes extremely important for  the strength professional not only understands their golfers’ physical needs, but also the fundamental tenets of the golf swing as well as how those physical improvements will correlate with a more efficient swing.

Enhanced club head speed — which then transfers to ball speed — may mean a massive difference in driving distance. And while some may think that 10-20 yards of driving distance isn’t all that much, this difference can be worth millions to them or, for some professionals, the difference between having a year of status on the PGA or LPGA Tour or battling their way to the top of the numerous other mini tours that exist.

Strength Training’s Benefits For Golfers

Doing whole-body strength training the entire body significantly improves the strength, power as well as endurance of your core, forearms, and grip strength. All of these have been shown to individually lead to notable improvements in distance in golf.

Other studies have found that there are direct correlations between distance and grip strength, maximal and explosive strength, non-dominant arm strength, core strength, and abdominal muscle endurance. Focusing on strength and power training can help you to significantly increases in your swing speed.

Golf is a multi-faceted game that has many different areas of need. With golf courses being lengthened and players hitting the ball further than ever before, it has become very important for young golfers to have the ability to produce force off the tee. Strength – as well as conditioning – is a huge part of players being able to develop the required force while staying healthy through one of the most explosive and complex movements in any sport.

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