Why You Would Make a Wonderful Children’s Exercise Coach!

Trifocus - children's exercise coach
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Getting children to exercise more should be everyone’s priority. After all, childhood obesity is arguably one of the biggest threats to kids’ health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood obesity has more than doubled over the last 30 years. So what are we doing to nip this obesity in the bud? We should all consider ourselves a children’s exercise coach and get our children moving! Here’s why you’d make a wonderful coach:

Trifocus - children's exercise coach

Children’s exercise coach features

1. You’re an excellent motivator

Kids need motivation to exercise, to run and kick a ball, or jump over hurdles. If you can get them excited about exercise, and tuned into the goals, they’re more likely to WANT to get involved (and to repeat the activity often!). Childrens exercise coaches need to be excellent motivators.

2. You see each kid as an individual

Each kid is a unique set of skills, talents, dreams, fears, insecurities and desires. If you can take the time to tap into this for each kid, then you’ll understand how to motivate each child. You’ll create rapport and trust. And when that’s in place, each kid will play his heart out!

3. You’re tough, but kind and fair

No kid likes a drill sergeant but they’ll walk all over you if you aren’t tough enough. The key is finding a balance – knowing when to be kind, and knowing how to be tough without being too hard. When you get this right, the kids feel safe and happy. And they’re more likely to put their all into the exercise.

4. You make learning new skills, fun and exciting

Remember the first time you learned to pull yourself up a rope? Or swing a bat to hit a ball? It required coordination, bravery and some skills. And maybe you were nervous? Kids get nervous about these new skills and challenges but they respond to encouragement, love and support. And they’re usually eager to try, as long as it’s fun. Children’s exercise coaches need to be able to give heaps of encouragement.

Trifocus - children's exercise coach

5. You play, too

Have you ever noticed that kids gravitate towards the adults who play with them? Who get down on the floor with them and get dirty with them? Be that coach – the coach who gets dirty and plays with them. In an adult world, this is called “leading by example”. In their world, it’s called “friendship”. One thing’s for sure – it gets them involved!

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