What Career Choices do Sports Administrators Have?

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In between the glory of Olympic gold medallists and athletic superstars, not much is often said about the gears that keep the fitness and sports industries moving. Sports administrators, the world over, have a tremendously important job to do every day. Their title describes one of the most all-encompassing professions in the industry: from managing sports facilities and coaching to overseeing the corporate-centric affairs of the industry like signing player contracts and making important decisions about ethics in sport.

While sports administrators can, at one point, be there to help players train at another they could be responsible for the business behind why clubs like Man United make money.  This is a broad spectrum, we’ll admit, and not everyone has what it takes to be employed by an internationally acclaimed football club. But there are still quite a number of career paths sports administrator could travel down.

Sports Administration for Coaching

There is a lot more that goes into coaching than what spectators and even players see. When working with sports teams, there are a number of concerns to face:

  • There is, firstly, a business side of the sport to consider. At the end of the day, a club or facility is a business like every other. It needs to make money to survive.
  • On top of that coaches need to be able to form strategies, build a cohesive team through clear-cut communication skills and, above all, a coach needs to be able to inspire the team to want to perform better.

Team Management

Team management juggles a need for keen strategic business decisions as well as how and by whom, a team should be built. It is a challenging career path but it can also be an extremely lucrative one even for those who aren’t coaching international superstars.

A team manager’s communication skills need to be strong. They need leadership skills and a passion for sport. They need to understand the fundamentals of fitness as well as the nuances of business. Above all, they need to have impeccable organisational skills.

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Facility Manager

Facility managers have an equally important role in the fitness industry. They run the day-to-day tasks in terms of all kinds of playing surfaces be these soccer fields, basketball arenas, stadiums, pools or golf courses. They oversee all operations that keep a facility functional and make sure that they meet the requirements of those within them.

A facility manager services the building by orchestrating cleaning, upkeep on the playing surface and equipment, operating security, and generally nurturing the surrounding environment. They are responsible for the face of fitness and sport. They keep the treadmills running at the gym.

Training Staff

The title ‘training staff’ also casts a relatively wide net and encompasses everyone who is involved with assisting in matches and training sessions on a professional level.

They may be:

  • On-hand medics or kinesiotherapists;
  • An assistant coach overseeing drills;
  • A physical therapist, sports nutritionist; or even
  • An exercise psychologist.

There is a lot involved in training a team, which leaves room for plenty of opportunities to specialise. However any approach to specialising as a sports trainer will require an understanding of concepts concerning sports administration.


Anybody looking to start their own business in the fitness industry could benefit greatly from a keen understanding of sports administration.  It outfits you with the necessary understanding of both business and sport that will give you the best shot at success. When paired with a specialisation in something like personal training, the odds of having a lucrative career grow all the more.

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