How to Develop Yourself as a Fitness Brand on Social Media

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To succeed in on social media – especially as a fitness professional – you need to be clearly recognised as a leader in your profession. Potential clients need to have no doubt in their minds that you are without a doubt the best and only fitness professional out there to who they can trust their fitness journey.  The way that you do this is by making yourself into a fitness brand on social media.

What is a brand?

A brand is so much more than your logo. Yes, you can’t have a brand without a logo but your brand is about the feelings of trust that your clients and potential clients have in you, the fitness professional, when they see your logo on social media. You need to become fitness brand on social media.

The concepts may sound airy fairy but let’s give you an example to bring it down to earth – for example FitChef. This company’s brand stands for good and nutritious food that people following a healthy lifestyle can trust. How they have differentiated themselves in the market is by taking the hassle out of preparing healthy food and pre-preparing it for you – and even delivering it – so that your life is made easier. FitChef has been very clever in the branding and marketing that they do on social media in that they have earned the public’s trust and have gained a loyal following.

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The key to developing yourself as a fitness brand on social media

Social media is a very powerful tool for fitness professionals to use to build their brands up. This is particularly true of visual platforms – such as Facebook and Instagram – where you can show off how you could potentially craft people’s bodies by showing them the success that you’ve had with your own body.

Another very key factor in what makes a person decide to go with one fitness professional as opposed to another is the brand of motivation. For example, a client will more likely go to a fitness professional – be in a Pilates instructor, Yoga teacher or personal trainer – who is able to motivate them according to the particular brand of motivation that responds to them. A great way to show fitness brand on social media is to find quotes and motivational snippets that respond to you and keep you going . Post these onto your Facebook and Instagram feeds so that passive social media users will be converted into active fitness clients.

Always be professional

Whatever social media strategy that you decide to follow, always – above everything else – make sure that you remain professional. This will show your potential clients that you take their training seriously and that they will more likely than not be able to get the results that they want through you.

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Trifocus fitness academy - fitness brand on social media