How to develop administrative procedures: A guide for sports administrators

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Administration is an essential field of learning for the sports administrator as the competencies required by people doing administrative tasks are generic and apply to all businesses in all sectors and many non-business organisations, for example, sports and cultural clubs.

Administrative tasks, in addition to administration, are done at various levels depending upon the nature as well as the size of the organisation and the structure of its management team. People who are involved in administration are known by names such as secretaries, administrative assistants, administrators as well as clerks depending on the company in which they are employed.

There is, therefore, an on-going need to highly skilled administration personnel at the various levels at which they operate.

The administrative tasks of a sports administrator

The administrative function that every single sports administrator needs to be intimately au fait with comprises, for example, the following responsibilities:

  • Managing information:






  • Caring for internal customers

Managing and developing staff

Wages, benefits, leave, tax evaluating and training staff

Liaising with unions (if applicable)

  • Caring for external customers

Visiting them

Receiving them

Solving problems

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  • Backup the sales department

Handle accounts queries

Control sales documentation

Control orders and delivering

Control payments

  • Manage and control the money

Receive money

Payout money

Calculate, monitor and record all financial transactions (bookkeeping and accounts work, banking, petty cash)

For a sports administrator, the administrative tasks would include managing the business, advertising its services or ordering stocks, budgeting, security, selecting and training a workforce to sell and introduce new products while motivating existing staff members, labourers and delivery people to do their best for your company.

A sports administrator is the person who holds the pivotal business administration post in today’s sporting related organisation. The person functions throughout the entire spectrum of sports administration. Responsibilities range from research and planning to finance, sales, computerisation, account, economic to personnel.

When doing sports administration, information is processed. It is essential to comprehend the following terms which are used widely in administration of all types:

  • Data processing: processing of raw information
  • Word processing: processing text into a readable format
  • Reproduction: duplication or copying of information
  • Dissemination: distributing of information
  • Recording: finding and filing of information
  • Handling of information: the use to which information is put in the workplace

Generally, sports administrators engage in a standard set of functions to meet the organisation’s goals. These are, for example:

  • Planning and deciding in advance who to do, how to do it, when to do it and who should do it. It maps the path from where the company is to where it wants to be. The planning function involved establishing goals and arranging them in a logical order. Sports administrators engage in both short-term and long-term planning.
  • Organising involves identifying responsibilities to be performed, grouping responsibilities into departments or division and specifying organisational relationships. The purpose is to attain coordinated efforts among all the facets of the organisation. The organisation must take into account the delegation of authority as well as responsibility and span of control in supervisory units.
  • Staffing means filling job positions with the correct people at the proper time. It involves determining staffing requirements, writing job descriptions, recruiting as well as screening people to fill the positions.

The availability of, and access to, reliable, accurate and timely information is of the utmost importance for effective management of the sports organisation.

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