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One of the careers that you can pursue, with a qualification in sports management, is sports marketing. In South Africa, sport is big business. According to Phumudzo S Munyai, in an article entitled Why it’s time competition law was applied to sport in South Africa in the Mail and Guardian at the end of 2017, sport contributes around R41 billion to the South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And, like any business, for the sporting industry to carry on growing year on year it has to be marketed well. Enter the sports marketer.

What does a sports marketer do?

To understand what sports marketing actually is, we need to look at the fundamentals that make up marketing in general. After this we need to look at how these are different in terms of marketing for sports.

Fundamentals of Marketing


Consumers are people with specific needs who have to be satisfied. In addition, they also have the financial ability to satisfy them. These people fall into a variety of markets, namely the consumer market, the industrial market, government markets, resale markets and international markets. Sports consumers are sport spectators, in other words the sports fans and sport participants.


Usually, consumers display different forms of loyalty to brands, in other words inanimate objects. However, in the sporting arena consumers are loyal to the teams and team players themselves. Sports marketers and sports managers need to have a very firm handle on this.


In the marketing field, there is not usually a huge amount of collaboration between fellow marketers. However, in the sporting field sports marketers do collaborate with each other in order to ensure that a sporting event is successful.

Trifocus fitness academy sport marketing


The promotion of goods and services in the non-sporting arena is usually quite challenging to achieve. Unless you buy advertising in a newspaper or magazine, for example, it can be very difficult to get journalists to write about your product. In sports marketing, this is totally different. Journalists clamour to write about sports teams’ victories, which makes the life of a sports marketer that much easier. They are getting free publicity for their sports teams and, as a result, are able to extend their budgets.


Physical goods and services are distributed in a specific geographical location. For example, a personal trainer will only see clients who can come to him or who he can visit. However, the consumers of sports are not limited to any place. If they can’t get to watch the game at the stadium they’ll make a plan to watch it on TV. So even if their favourite sporting team is playing overseas, they can still watch that winning goal!

Sports marketing is just one of the exciting careers that you can get into armed with a sports management qualification. If you want to get into sports management, we highly recommend that you pursue Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Sports Management Certification.

What you’ll get with Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Sports Management Certification
Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Sports Management Qualification will make you the best sports manager out as it thoroughly examines every aspect of a sports manager’s job.

Course modules on this sporting course include:

  • The ins and outs of managing the sporting environment, including developing organisational structures for sporting activities as well as how to manage finances in the sporting environment.
  • Responding to your athlete’s personal development needs.
  • The golden rules of communication that all sports managers need to know.
  • How to cultivate ethical behaviour in a sports environment.
  • What impact does HIV/Aids have in the sporting environment?
  • Integrating people, who are suffering from disabilities, into sports.
  • What the impact of HR is on the sporting environment.
  • How to manage and administer a sporting tournament, both from an events and sporting point of view.
  • The art of marketing your sporting events to potential ticket holders.

Our Sports Management Certification is highly acclaimed. This certification is accredited through the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA ID 60309 Level 5).

In addition, Trifocus Fitness Academy itself is accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPPSA). Every student who graduates with us, with a sports management certification, will be listed on this prestigious database of exercise professionals. You’ll be able to work anywhere in the world with your sports management qualification!

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