3 Techniques to Improve Customer Care in a Sports Management Environment

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As a sports manager, a vitally important part of your job is taking care of your customers at your sporting venue. You need to continually be aware of your customer care skills as if they begin to feel that you’re not taking care of them, and they go elsewhere, your business will suffer immensely. There are three skills that you, as a sports manager, can adopt to make your sports management customers feel like kings and queens: active listening skills, empathising with your clients and taking the initiative.

Sports Management customer care skills

Active listening skills

Hearing and listening are two different activities. Hearing requires only functioning ears while listening requires comprehension, minimal distraction and suspending your opinions while the other person is speaking.

Alison Doyle explains more about what active listening skills are:

“Active listening is the process by which an individual secures information from another individual or group.  The “active” element involves taking steps to draw out information that might not otherwise be shared.”

Here are three examples of active listening techniques that sports managers can use:

  • Focus: Don’t allow background noise to distract you. Make regular eye contact with the person you’re speaking with.
  • Body language: Listen with your body. Good listeners will often lean in towards a speaker and nod their head. Don’t fidget because this indicates to the listener that you’re not really focusing on them.
  • Ask questions: The simple act of asking puts you in a more open mindset. Asking questions is itself a form of listening which allows you to learn more about the person or subject. This act also alerts your brain that more information will arrive. This means that you’ll be kept open to receiving new ideas and perspectives.

Be empathetic to your sports management customers’ needs

We’ve all been in situations where we were tongue tied or struggled to get the conversation going. The empathy technique is a technique that draws on your ability to listen and ask questions. It’s a good technique to open up a conversation and is useful for shy sports managers who might otherwise struggle to initiate and maintain a conversation.

The following five steps will help sports managers practise empathy as a technique with your customers:

  1. Greet the person.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Acknowledge the other person by feeding back part of their response. If they have given you their name, use it in the next sentence. Summarise all or a part of what they have said. Where it feels right, use their actual words. This shows them that you were listening attentively.
  4. Build on their response by providing additional information.
  5. Ask another question.

Trifocus fitness academy sports management

Take the initiative

Taking the initiative – or being assertive – is about being able to express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in an honest and upfront way that takes into account the rights and feelings of other people. Generally speaking your clients at your sporting facility will expect honest and frankness in negotiation as you are providing them with a service that they are paying for.

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