Graduate / Past students discuss their experience with their course studied with Trifocus Fitness Academy and what it meant to them.

Great experience studying online through Trifocus Fitness Academy. It’s made easy and convenient. So happy to have completed my personal training and sports conditioning course through them.

Faeez Khan
Faeez Khan

The sports conditioning course is well structured and easy to follow and a great addition to anyone’s health and fitness studies

John Tinker
John Tinker

Awesome experience getting my yoga certification with Trifocus academy!

Dewald Swart

Learned so much!! To see how the theory applies itself when training gave me such a better understanding! Thank you Trifocus!!

Tyler Marais
Tyler Marais

Trifocus Fitness Academy, Proper fitness institution, and the people here are very professional and competent

Lindelani Khumalo
Lindelani Khumalo

Thank you, Trifocus Fitness Academy, for your amazing study platform and all the support available, each course is given in so much detail and the ability to study in your own time from home made it so much more convenient.

Maxine van Deventer
Maxine van Deventer

Trifocus Fitness Academy was always there to help, irrespective of doing a distance learning course. I could still phone them and they would help the best they could.  I learned a lot that I didn’t know before even though I’ve been involved with bodybuilding for a while now. It was very informative and it really educated me in terms of my perspective about the things I already knew and how I do my training etc. It’s a definite go-to college if you want a qualification in fitness.

I realised that everybody’s body is different you got have to try different things with your clients.

Glynn Esterhuizen

My local gym suggested a few institutions through whom I can obtain the qualification I wanted. I researched all three the institutions and because Trifocus Fitness Academy provided me with the option to obtain my certification online, I chose Trifocus Fitness Academy. This meant that I can obtain my qualification at my own pace, without impacting on my travel obligations – it suited my situation 100%. I found the learning material to be structured in a manner that allowed me to work through the material progressively. Since becoming qualified through Trifocus my own lifestyle has taken a step in the right direction.

Charlote Harmse

I googled fitness courses and found Trifocus Fitness Academy website. It was user friendly, well-advertised, and I really liked the idea of doing a correspondence course. Courses are accredited so I trust the quality. Plus you have flexibility and a good student support team.

I would definitely recommend Trifocus to people I know, because I had a good experience. Learning about fitness and nutrition really helped me to support a good conversation. Plus I apply everything I’ve learnt for myself.

Olga Bonitckaia

Trifocus offers very accessible courses. I will recommend Trifocus Fitness Academy to anyone who wants to become a fitness professional, because it’s a highly recognized institution nationally and internationally. Becoming qualified with Trifocus improved my lifestyle positively and I am more confident. It has infused an enormity of knowledge in terms of my wellness outlook.

Nthabiseng Motlokoa

When I saw the Trifocus Fitness Academy advert online last year, I wanted to join immediately, because they are located in South Africa and it was affordable. No matter what age you are, you can always learn something new; even though you are not planning to go into the fitness industry you can always improve your lifestyle.

I do feel more confident with myself in front of a class. I feel that I have a new drive to focus on my new fitness business.

Racheida Eilerd

I chose Trifocus because it has a great reputation. The qualifications are internationally recognized and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the college. I gained a lot of knowledge about training and the body. I want to influence people to achieve their goals and the Exercise Science course was a good beginning. The study material is very efficient.

They offer a variety of accredited courses that are beneficial to those who love fitness.

Siaran Govender

Since my lifestyle changed for the better in September 2015, I loved the journey and the transformation and I knew that it’s something that I want to pursue as a career. Luckily I always buy fitness magazines and saw the Trifocus advert in there. That was my sign!

It was so much fun, obtaining more knowledge of how to do the exercises and eat properly. I love the online leaning material. You can study anywhere and the videos are amazing. The support is tops. It has opened up doors for me in the fitness industry.

Yvonne O'Brien

I live far from any colleges in the middle of nowhere (literally), so the fact that I could do distance learning, won me over. The reviews I saw were great. The call centre people were so helpful. I really enjoyed learning how to train a pregnant lady and special populations. The material is great and very informative. I received wonderful assistance from everyone. The next one is life coaching as I really want to assist people to better their lives.

Suzette janse van rensburg
Suzette Janse van Rensburg

When I was considering studying Personal Training all the adverts form Trifocus stood out. I enjoyed the depth of the course. The course covered a large amount of psychology which I find to be very important in Personal Training. I was able to study anywhere anytime with the online course. Trifocus Fitness Academy is affordable, reliable and efficient in every aspect.

Now that I have got my certificate in Personal Training, I am now able to be a partner in a fitness studio which is dream come true for me.

Megan King

I feel Trifocus has a strong online presence and is very reasonably priced compared to other institutions. They are flexible in that one can start studying anytime of the year The online learning platform is easy to navigate and course content is good. I will definitely recommend Trifocus as the whole experience helped with my own outlook on fitness with a more holistic approach.

Tristan Wadeley