Five easy yoga poses you can do at your desk

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Whether you are still working for home or are back at the office, spending hours sitting in front of the computer can really take its toll on you – especially when things become hectic and stressful. So, when the stress gets a bit much, the good news is that there are some yoga poses that you can do at your desk.

What is desk yoga?

Desk yoga is a combination of stretches and movements that are simple enough to do at your desk without drawing attention to yourself. These movements are aimed at reducing stress and stretching out tense muscles that come about as a result of sitting for hours on end.

Poses that you can do at your desk

Poses ideal for desk yoga are those that you can perform while sitting – or standing – within the vicinity of your desk. By taking this time to relax and regroup, you are able to refocus and improve your productivity throughout the day.


While not technically a pose, meditation can assist you in calming your mind. In a seated position – you can sit cross-legged if this is more comfortable – close your eyes. Inhale deeply, hold it, and then release. If your mind is unable to become still, focus on counting your breaths. For example, count to five while inhaling and then repeat while exhaling. You can play calming music to assist in relaxing you.

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Five poses that are office-friendly

We have selected the five easiest and simplest desk yoga poses that you can try while working. These are purely a guideline and you can hold each pose for longer than recommended, but please listen to your body while doing so. If it causes discomfort, rather avoid it or try a shorter period of time.

Upward Stretch

In a seated position, inhale and as you do, lift your arms up to the ceiling. If you are able to, lift your body slightly and hold for five breaths.

Seated Crescent Moon

While sitting, lift your arms up with your fingers spread out. Slowly lean to the right, hold for five breaths and then return to centre. Repeat on the left side.

Pigeon Pose

Sit in your chair with both of your feet flat on the floor. Lift your right leg over your knee and rest your foot on your left knee in a 90-degree angle position – you should feel a stretch in your thigh. Hold for five breaths and repeat on the other side.

Hand Stretches

  • Straighten your arms straight out in front of you. Once you’ve done this, move your wrists in a circular motion – counter-clockwise and clockwise.
  • With your arms stretched out, make a fist with your hands and then release until your fingers are spread out. Repeat as you deem necessary.
  • Rest your hands on your desk with your palms facing upward and your hands in a loose-fist position. Slowly bend your wrist inward and outward.

Cat-cow Stretch

In a seated position with both of your feet flat on the floor, slowly bring your hands down to your knees. As you take a deep breath in, arch your back and look upwards. Hold for five breaths and then exhale, straightening your spine and slowly lowering your head.

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