How Yoga Can Help For Stress-Related Insomnia

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Yoga isn’t just advantageous for improving core strength, flexibility as well as stress levels. This ancient exercise form can also assist you with sleeping better — particularly if you suffer from insomnia.

When individuals who suffer from insomnia perform yoga on a daily basis, they sleep for longer periods of time, fall asleep faster and go back to sleep more quickly if they happen to wake up during the middle of the night. This is also valid for older people who suffer insomnia. Those who are 60 and older experience better sleep quality, sleep for longer periods of time and feel healthier during the day when they perform yoga regularly.

The benefit that yoga brings can be seen in all sorts of situations where individuals have trouble sleeping. For instance, pregnant women who begin a mindful yoga practice in their second trimester sleep better and also wake up less often throughout the night. In addition, cancer patients sleep better if they do yoga as 90% of cancer patients experience insomnia symptoms while receiving treatment.

The Sleep Elixir That Is Yoga

Exercise is frequently cited as one of the most efficient ways of grappling with insomnia, without resorting to medication. Particularly, yoga provides a fantastic holistic way of improving sleep patterns while – at the same time – also carrying many other benefits. This ancient Indian practice is utilised in order to promote both physical as well as mental equilibrium, good health, peace and tranquillity.

Here are some of the yoga poses which promote a good night’s rest.

Corpse Pose

To the uninitiated, this asana may seem simplistic however it is designed in order to promote conscious relaxation. After going through more active poses, Corpse Pose can be utilised in order to give the body time to restore itself. Owing to this fact, it’s great for closing a session. Corpse pose can also act as a bridge to meditation which is something that has also been greatly purported to aid sleep.

Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Utilise Viparita Karani in order to increase flexibility in the hamstrings as well as the back of the neck. This is especially useful for undoing any strain or tension which has built up in these areas throughout the day. Legs Up The Wall Pose can also assist with relieving pressure on the veins and has the overall benefit of calming the mind. Viparita Karani can be modified by using a folded blanket or bolster to support the back.

Cat Pose

Bidalasana (Cat Pose) is generally utilised as a preparation asana however it is also great for increasing flexibility as well as mobility through the spine and abdominals. As well, Cat Pose can be utilised in order to release tension from the neck and shoulders. As with the Legs up the Wall, this asana can help undo all the strain that’s been building up that day. To appropriately modify this pose, kneel on a folded blanket if the yoga mat proves to be too uncomfortable.

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