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Practising mindfulness and meditation may assist you with managing stress and high blood pressure, sleep better, feel more balanced as well as connected and even reduce your risk of heart disease.

Meditation and mindfulness are practices — often making use of breathing, quiet contemplation or prolonged focus on something, such as a picture, phrase or a sound — that assist you with letting go of stress and feeling calmer and more peaceful. Think of it as a mini-holiday from the stress in your life!

Stress is your body’s in-built alarm system. It releases a hormone that is called adrenaline which makes your breathing speed up as well as your heart rate and blood pressure to rise. It spurs us into action, which can be a positive thing when we’re faced with a real danger or are required to perform. However, that “fight or flight” response may take a toll on your body when the stress reaction goes on too long or is occurs regularly. Mindfulness meditation provides a method for handling stress in a healthier way.

Where Did It All Start?

Meditation techniques are derived from, and inspired by, ancient Buddhist practices. Thousands of years ago, people made use of meditation as a way to practise mindfulness in addition to mental clarity. Now, in 2020, individuals are incorporating meditation into their everyday lives to improve their overall health and wellness. People are learning the best way meditation in yoga classes, with apps, and even with podcasts. In fact, meditation is so important in modern-day life that people are making it a point to practise meditation on a daily basis.

How Meditation Works

Meditation is thought to work by its effects on the sympathetic nervous system.  This increases heart rate, breathing as well as blood pressure during times of stress. However, meditating has a spiritual purpose, too. True, it will assist you with lowering your blood pressure as well as improving other aspects of your wellness but meditation can do so much more. It can help your creativity, your intuition as well as your connection with your inner self.

What Forms Does Meditation Come In?

Meditation comes in many forms, which include the following:

  • Concentration meditation shows you how to focus your mind. It’s the foundation for other types of meditation.
  • Heart-centred meditation involves quieting your mind and then bringing the awareness to the heart, which is an energy centre in the middle of your chest.
  • Mindfulness meditation urges you to focus dispassionately on negative thoughts as they move through your mind, so you are able to achieve a state of calm.
  • Tai chi and qigong are moving forms of meditation which combine physical exercise with breathing as well as focus.
  • Transcendental Meditation is a well-known practice in which you replicate a mantra — a word, phrase, or sound — in order to quiet your thoughts and achieve greater awareness.
  • Walking meditation turns your concentration to both body and mind as you breathe in time with your footsteps.

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