What Are The Benefits Of Post-Natal Yoga? Learn more in this article.

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During pregnancy, many women attend a pregnancy yoga class in order to keep toned, to remain flexible and to prepare their bodies for labour and birth. Expecting women also go to pre-natal yoga to meet other pregnant women in their area. However, once the baby is born it can be easy to lose the connection with other pregnant women and feel disheartened about the physical and emotional effects childbirth can have on your baby.

After having a baby, your body requires time to heal as well as rest — and so does your mind. Postpartum yoga, which is also referred to as post-natal yoga, can assist with both. This form of yoga concentrates on recovery and restoration and can ease stress and depression after giving birth. You can begin practising yoga a few days to a few weeks after childbirth, depending on how your delivery went.

What Is Post-Natal Yoga?

Post-natal yoga is a modified, low-intensity yoga practice. A lot of changes take place to your body after childbirth. This kind of yoga is designed to assist your body with recovering from childbirth. Post-natal yoga provides the most benefits during the first three months prior to childbirth. For instance, post-natal yoga has been shown to lower the risk of postpartum depression. Yoga can assist with balancing your energy, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety.

In addition, post-natal yoga could also offer the following benefits:

  • Increased calmness
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Reduced irritability and anger
  • Increased energy
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Relaxation through meditation

What Are The Core Benefits of Post-Natal Yoga?

‍The core benefits of attending a post-natal yoga class are:

  • Restoring hormonal balance
  • Easing pressure on the nervous system
  • Helping in building up strength in the spine
  • Minimising the effects of holding and feeding a baby
  • ‍Restoring the body towards full core strength
  • Helping to reduce anxiety and depression
  • ‍Providing rest and instant relaxation
  • ‍Helping to ease the effects of another heavy lifting

What Safety Considerations Need To Be Applied To Post-Natal Yoga?

Post-natal yoga is a simple way to get your body moving again. You could want to exercise at the level you did before pregnancy. However, your body is not quite ready for that intensity. If you push yourself far too much, you may hurt yourself.

Keep in mind that abdominal wall separation that takes place during pregnancy as your belly stretches. Owing to this, you should talk with your doctor prior to doing extensive core work. If you see increased bleeding, dizziness, or have a fast heart rate, seek immediate medical care.

You’ll need to be as careful with your body postpartum as you were throughout pregnancy. There’s no rush in getting back to your pre-pregnancy body. It’s very important to focus on how you feel and allowing your body to heal. Childbirth is a strenuous activity which puts a lot of stress on your body. Post-natal yoga is meant to help your body slowly return to a healthy new normal you.

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