What are the four paths of Yoga?

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Yoga is the coming together of your body, mind, soul and spirit. There are four paths of Yoga which relate to people’s different inclinations. By adhering to one or more of these paths, you can achieve the union that Yoga sets out to achieve.

In following each path and achieving this union, you are brought closer to your god and your “true self”.

Karma Yoga

Karma is defined by cause and effect, wherein everything we do has a corresponding reaction on your body, mind and consciousness. It consists of all physical and thinking actions.

The goal in this path, is to perform an action without expecting personal gain from it. By performing actions selflessly, you get rid of egoism, hatred, jealousy and other negative qualities, and replace them with humility, sympathy and compassion.

Research has also shown that karma yoga reduces your chances of anxiety and apprehension.

It is a great way to prepare yourself for silent mediation.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti is the path of devotion and love for you god, creation and other people through prayer, worship and ritual.

In serving your family, friends, god and creation, you get rid of negative feelings like pride, arrogance, anger and lust and replace it with joy, peace and wisdom.

It is a great way to prepare yourself for chanting mantras.

Trifocus Fitness Academy -paths of yoga

Raja Yoga

The path of Raja is the more conventional form of yoga. It is self-discipline through familiar techniques like meditation, mantras and yoga techniques.

The goal of this path, is to gradually transform bodily and mental energies into spiritual energy.

The reason for this path being the most popular, is because it requires no belief or particular faith. It is up to you to find out for yourself what you believe through direct experience.

Gyana Yoga

The more philosophical path of the four, Gyana enables you to distinguish between reality and unreality.

The aims of this path is to attain self-knowledge through study, practice and experience by reflecting on the meaning of life and seeking the truth and reality of every situation.

This path pushes your mind and intellect to go beyond themselves.

Each path is carefully related to the other and often overlaps each other. It is possible, and often recommended, to follow more than one of the paths to ensure the ultimate union. What you will frequently find is that there are certain benefits in some paths that help you in other paths. The  reality is that we can act (Karma), think (Gyana), feel (Bhakti) or do nothing (Raja) to connect with our god.

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