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The discipline of aerial fitness fuses stretching style exercises, Pilates-based core moves, fun aerial challenges, strength training, balance as well as posture work in order to help to create new brain-body connections.

This is for those who are looking for something outside of the normal gym workout in order to stay fit or for those to utilise it as a good body conditioning plus your weight or cardio workouts.

In addition, aerial fitness allows for the freedom for the different design of body types, personality types as well as in different levels of challenge for reviving or – alternatively – restoration. Aerial fitness has a special focus on three-dimensional movement, conditioning as well as joint rotation and mobility.

Aerial fitness is for:

  • The woman who would like to have a strong core, great flexibility, poise and posture, and is open to trying something new.
  • The man who is able to take a step outside the box in order to challenge himself, have a lot of fun with the flexibility, build muscle as well as solid core strength.

Aerial Fitness makes use of a soft hammock supporting 454 kg to support as well as suspend your body to work with your body type making use of the effects of supported body weight as well as gravity to lengthen, strengthen, contract, extend muscles improve posture, add gentle traction effects, optional inversions, and align joints.

What Are The Benefits Of Aerial Fitness?

Aerial fitness routines have the following benefits:

  • Intensifies stretches,
  • Relieves joint pressure as well as spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger,
  • Relieves tension,
  • Increases balance and proprioception (in other words, bodily awareness),
  • Improves core strength,
  • Enhances breath awareness,
  • Simpler access to inverted postures, as well as
  • Releases endorphins.

As you are able to see, there are myriad benefits of aerial fitness. While all of these provide positive additions to your daily routine, perhaps the most noteworthy is the fact that you’re hanging suspended in the air somehow provides a sense of safety which is difficult to match.

What Is Aerial Yoga?

One of the most common practices of aerial fitness is termed aerial yoga, also known as flying yoga. It takes traditional yoga poses and then combines them with the usage of an aerial hammock as a prop. This aerial workout makes use of yoga hammock, or fabric suspended in a U-Shape, in order to suspend your body mid-air and perform poses that are derived from the traditional yoga and Pilates.

The fabric is often suspended from two points, which offers stability. The hammock acts as a helping hand, a balance partner in addition to a support tool in poses. Inversions become available to everyone with the assistance of a hammock. This means that aerial yogis enjoy all the advantages of hanging upside-down and also decompressing the spine. You have the choice to put together your aerial flow and are even able to upgrade your favourite floor yoga flows with the assistance of the hammock and gravity.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - aerial fitness

What Are Aerial Silks?

Aerial yoga and aerial silks can often be confused to be the same thing. The truth is that these practices have quite different basics:

  • While aerial yoga originates from traditional yoga with an emphasis on breathing as well as flows, aerial silks is traditionally a circus act that has a focus on tricks as well as dance. The two can be recognised by looking at the flow, style, and equipment that is utilised.
  • Aerial silks make use of different types of equipment in order to perform mid-air – typically the same fabric as aerial yoga, however rigged differently, so that the user has two “poles” of fabric hanging down from one single point. This creates a larger challenge for the aerialist in order to support themselves because there’s no pocket of fabric to sit or – alternatively – stand in.

With higher intensity, the ultimate aim of this approach is frequently to practice routines – as well as tricks – in a performance-like way and is frequently called “Aerial Dance”. However, a lot of classes teach aerial silks tricks for beginners with more emphasis on fitness as well as strength training. That means, more muscle usage and exquisite movements to practise.

What Is The Aerial Hoop?

Another format of aerial arts is derived from Circus, aerial hoop is growing in popularity quickly! It’s a mixture between pole fitness as well as aerial arts, with many tricks that transfer from one apparatus to another one. Aerial hoop is a very Instagrammable format of aerial arts which is perfect for photoshoots. As an aerial art, it’s a fantastic way to build strength, flexibility and is a beautiful type of aerial arts.

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