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Hot yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is performed in a very warm as well as humid studio. There are several different types of hot yoga classes. For the duration of the Bikram form of hot yoga, the room is heated to approximately 40 degrees and has a humidity of 40%.

Hot yoga has become a popular exercise in recent times. This is because It offers many of the same benefits as traditional yoga, for example, stress reduction, improved strength as well as flexibility. However, with the heat turned up, hot yoga has the ability to give your heart, lungs, and muscles an even greater, more intense workout.

But is this type of yoga better for you than traditional forms of yoga?

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Yoga?

Those yogis who are devoted to the practice say that hot yoga has all sorts of benefits:

  • The one that’s touted most spoken about is detoxification: heavy sweating is said to assist with flushing toxins from the skin.
  • The heat also gives you the opportunity to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures so that you know you’re really warming up the muscles and you are really approach to the postures from a safe place.

Working in a heated room also elevates your heart rate, as we’ve said before, which makes the body work harder. It’s really for people who want to get a more intense workout and for those who would like to develop strength, flexibility as well as tone along with a cardiovascular workout. Working in heat assists the body with relaxing, improving breathing (which assists with conditions such as asthma) and focuses the mind, which develops better mental concentration.

When To Avoid Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is not suitable for everyone. This is because of the intensity of the workout and the hot temperatures which have the potential of causing heat-related illness. So, before you do decide to take on hot yoga, be sure you check with your doctor. This is particularly if you have any health concerns or if you are pregnant.

It’s probably best to give this type of yoga a skip if you have:

  • Heart disease,
  • Problems with dehydration,
  • Heat intolerance, or, alternatively
  • A history of a heat-related illness (for example, heatstroke)

If you do not have any health concerns, and you want to try a hot yoga class, make sure that you drink a lot of water before, during and after your workout. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy, lightheaded or sick in any way.

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