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Hyperbolic stretching is an online, self-paced workout programme which promises to help you to improve your flexibility in just four weeks. You are able to buy the programme from the website and follow the stretching videos at home.

Hyperbolic stretching is – without a doubt – a rising star in the world of ‘next best thing’ in fitness programming. The gender-specific programme is based on the idea that full-body flexibility can be transformed in four weeks, only eight minutes per day. Men and women require different stretching techniques in order to achieve their fitness goals. The programme boasts that it is appropriate for novices and experts.

Generally — although without any actual scientific basis — stretching is considered to be a cornerstone of any good fitness routine. For decades, fitness gurus have preached about the value of stretching in spite of the lack of evidence that it warms muscles up, decreases pain, or enhances recovery.

The Definition Of Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic stretching helps to elevate muscle flexibility which evolves the stretching methods of ancient times. This type of stretching also helps to reduce the complexity level and help to get a strengthful and muscular body. This stretching programme mainly focusing on increasing flexibility and reciprocal muscle inhibition.

Is The Programme The Real Deal?

There are many traditional methods to maintain body fitness, such as heavy workouts as well as hitting the gym. However popularly the Hyperbolic Stretching is an incredible exercise plan for parents and busy professionals. So, should you try hyperbolic stretching? That’s totally up to you. In general, this programme is probably best for folks who already have some experience.

Hyperbolic Stretching Could Improve Flexibility

Multiple studies show that stretching could help you gain hip mobility. However, there isn’t any proof to show that hyperbolic stretching’s more effective as opposed to other stretching methods. In general, studies make the suggestion that both static and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation… we’ll just stick with terming it PNF) stretching — where muscles are both contracted as well as stretched — have similar results.

Hyperbolic Stretching May Help To Strengthen Muscles

The debate around if stretching actually counts as strength training is nothing new. There’s no guarantee that the hyperbolic stretching programme will make you stronger. What does come with hard evidence? Some research shows that PNF stretching could be effective in increasing muscular strength and athletic performance, particularly as a post-workout activity.

Hyperbolic Stretching Could Increase Range Of Motion (ROM)

The dynamic stretches on this programme are supposed to assist you with developing a greater range of motion. Do you think eight minutes of stretching per day isn’t able to do much for you? Current literature suggests that time spent stretching per week could be more important as opposed to the time you spend stretching per session.

So, if you’re going to consistently perform eight minutes of stretching per day, this will probably get you far more results as opposed to one 15-minute session per week.

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