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This form of yoga involves practising asanas (poses) with music. The movements become synchronised with the music to become a fluid-like dance. Not only does this become a fun way to practise yoga, but it can also be a source of entertainment.

Dancing and yoga: what is the link?

Sometimes learning new asanas can be challenging and finding a way to make it less threatening can help ease the transition into your yoga journey. Yoga and dance are both a form of self-discovery, self-expression and self-awareness.

Another similarity between the two is that poses and dance moves are performed in a sequence that is often count-based. By coordinating movement with breathing, we can easily make the transition from pose to pose a lot easier by synchronising it with music.

If you had to stop and take a minute to compare the two, you can see a correlation between the two, especially when you slow down the dancing aspect. If you were to speed up the yoga side, it would look almost like a dance.

Benefits of rhythmic yoga

Music has been proven to relax a person’s mind and enlighten your senses. By pairing yoga and dance, you are also able to burn more calories and it can act as a gateway between the two art forms. Rhythmic yoga also offers all the same benefits as “normal” yoga, for example, stress relief, improved flexibility and open-mindedness.

Recommended asanas for rhythmic yoga

  • Eka Padasana

This asana focuses on strengthening the joints and further developing muscle coordination. It has also been found to improve concentration as well.

  • Sarvangasana

By practising this asana, you will strengthen your back and shoulders. It has also been found to reduce back pain and tension. This is largely due to the fact that promotes blood circulation throughout the body.

  • Dwipadasana

If you are looking to enhance your muscle tone and upper body strength, this asana is definitely worth trying out.

  • Bhoonmanasana

Improved muscle strength and flexibility are brought about as a result of practising this asana.

  • Dimbasana

Not only does this asana strengthen your upper body – arms, wrists and hands – but it also stimulates your thyroid. It also improves lung capacity.

  • Garbhasana

This asana can assist with mood imbalances and is great for toning your stomach area. It also assists in stimulating the digestive organs and promotes a healthy appetite.

  • Shirshasana

If you are looking to further develop and improve your strength and endurance – as well as flexibility – give this asana a try.

  • Chakrasana

This asana targets the heart and lungs and works towards improving the capacity thereof. This is also beneficial for building up the strength of your arms and legs.

  • Karna peedasana

This asana can be described as a full-body workout as it targets every aspect of your body.

  • Kukkutasana

This is a great tool for strengthening your arms and shoulders – as well as improving the flexibility.

As you can see, the benefits of practising yoga are immense and, when paired with a cardiovascular exercise such as dancing, it can be incredibly efficient in improving your overall fitness level.

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