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Neck issues, as well as pain in this part of the body, is extremely common. It may be caused by a number of factors which include daily activities that involve recurring forward movement patterns, poor posture or, alternatively, the habit of holding your head in one position.

When you’re suffering from stress, it’s extremely common to experience neck as well as shoulder pain. This means that getting through each day without grimacing can be difficult. In addition, you may even convince yourself that you need to skip your exercise routine because of it.

It doesn’t take a lot for pain in this area of your body to develop. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for neck issues to extend to your shoulders as well as your back. Neck pain can lead to headaches in addition to even injury.

Yoga poses to get rid of neck issues

Practising yoga is a phenomenal way to make sure that neck pain is a thing of the past. At least one research study found that yoga provided pain relief as well as functional improvements for individuals who practised this ancient mind-body exercise form for nine weeks. This shows that through the practice of yoga, you can learn to release any manner of tension that you’re holding in your body.

Yoga may be beneficial in treating even chronic neck pain. Here are a number of yoga poses which may be helpful in releasing neck pain.

Standing forward bend pose

  • Stand in Tadasana. Make sure that your feet are under your hips.
  • Elongate your body as you gently fold your upper body forward. As you do this, keep a slight bend in your knees.
  • Put your hands onto your legs, a block or, alternatively, the floor.
  • Tuck your chin snugly into your chest. After this, allow your head as well as your neck to fully relax.
  • You can softly shake your head from side to side. Alternatively, you can shake it from front to back or – if you like – make gentle circles. This assist with releasing tension in your neck as well as your shoulders.
  • Maintain this position for 1 minute at least.
  • Bring your arms as well as head-up last as you roll your spine up to a standing position.

Extended triangle pose

Triangle poses assist with relieving pain as well as tension in your neck, shoulders in addition to your upper back.

  • Jump, step or, alternatively, walk your feet away from each other so that they’re wider than your hips are.
  • Turn your right toes forward as well as your left toes out at an angle.
  • Lift your arms up so these are parallel to the floor with your palms facing towards the mat.
  • Reach forwards with your right arm as you simultaneously hinge at your right hip.
  • From this position, lower your right arm. Then lift your left arm up towards the sky.
  • Turn your gaze in any direction or you can do gentle neck rotations looking up and down.
  • Stay in this pose for a period of 30 seconds.
  • Then repeat it on the other side.

Yoga not only helps with conditioning your body. It also helps with restoring your mental peace and serenity.

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