How to lose weight using kettlebells

People who love training with kettlebells use them because the exercises you do will combine cardio and strength training. This means that you will enjoy a time-saving workout. The amount of calories you can burn by using kettlebells is extremely high, i.e, around 400 calories in 20 minutes. It also strengthens your muscles and helps with back and neck pain.

Below are a couple of exercises you can do to use kettlebells to lose weight.

Kettlebell deadlift

Deadlifts are the most effective for correcting your posture, burning calories, losing weight and giving your bum a nice lift. You would hold the kettlebell in one hand to do the single leg deadlift. You need to bend at the waist while keeping your back straight:

  • Hold a 5 or 9kg kettlebell in your right hand and lift your left foot a little off the ground.
  • While keeping your back neutral, you need to lean your torso forward while simultaneously lifting your left leg. You should also keep your left shoulder blade pulled down.
  • Keep your back straight and start returning to you starting position.
  • This is one rep. Repeat this process for 12 reps per leg in a set of three.

Turkish Get-Up

This exercise will make your arms tired but it will make them more defined and stronger. The Turkish Get-Up is great for toning the back of your arms where most people store fat:

  • Start by lying on your back with your right arm pointing towards the sky and your right knee bent. Keep your left arm at your side.
  • For this next step you need to watch your right hand to make sure you don’t move it. Move into the sitting position without moving your right hand and press your left hand down to lift your pelvis.
  • Move your left knee backwards keeping it under your left hip. Now your arms will be in a straight line. Keep focusing on your right hand.
  • While still looking at your right hand, push off the floor with your left hand so that your stomach region is upright.
  • Come to a standing position and bring your left leg forward to meet your right.
  • Reverse this process and return to the floor. Repeat this six or eight times with your right arm then switch to your left.

Kettlebells are a great way to lose weight and every personal trainer needs to incorporate them into their workout programs for their clients, especially for weight loss. You can complete a kettlebell course at Trifocus Fitness Academy today which will teach you the ins and outs of how to use the kettlebell safely. Click here to find out more.

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