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Oblique Workouts for Runners. Learn more in this article.

There’s no secret weapon for staving off running fatigue, however incorporating oblique workouts into your strength-training routine will assist you with maintaining proper form and posture for longer — even when you’re extremely tired.

Your obliques — which are the muscles which stretch from your ribs down to your hips — control pelvic rotation. Your running stride depends on a neutral, stable pelvis to give your legs the opportunity to fully extend back so they can pull forward into the next stride. Strong obliques enable better form and stability when running, allowing you to conserve energy, run efficiently, and prevent injury.

What Are The Benefits Of A Strong Core?

The core is your body’s centre of gravity. When you have a strong core, this will give you the opportunity to perform stronger functional movement throughout exercise as well as everyday life.

In addition, a strong core is key not only for running – as well as and other athletic endeavours – however also daily life activities, such as carrying groceries as well as walking tall.

Plenty of research has revealed that the more belly fat you carry around, the higher are your risks of serious diseases, for example diabetes, blood pressure as well as heart attacks.

The Oblique Exercises You Need To Do

Forearm Side Plank Dip

  • Begin on your side with your right forearm on the ground, to form a straight line from head to feet, with your feet stacked on top of each other.
  • Make sure that your right elbow is directly under your shoulder and then place your left hand on your left hip.
  • Engage your core and gradually dip your hips and then tap them on the ground.
  • Return to plank and repeat. Make sure that you maintain your hips stacked the entire time.
  • Do as many reps as you conceivably can in 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Pallof Press

The Pallof press requires the use of your gym’s cable pulley system, however it’s very simple:

  • Stand sideways to the pulley, approximately a metre away, and put sufficient amounts of resistance on it so that you are able to pull it out with two hands with some effort however without straining.
  • Hold it in front of your torso with both of your hands for three seconds.
  • Extend your arms straight out in front of you and then hold for three seconds.
  • Return your arms in front of your chest.
  • Repeat between six and eight times. Release the pulley in a controlled manner.
  • Do between two and three sets on each side. You’ll feel the contraction on the side that is farthest away from the pulley.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - Oblique

Rotational Medicine Ball Throw

  • Begin with a 3.5 kg medicine ball and slowly increase weight.
  • Stand approximately a metre and a half out from a solid wall.
  • With your knees slightly bent, slowly swing the ball slightly away from the wall. Throw it sideways onto the wall with sufficient force so that so that you are able to catch it again.
  • Experiment with how far to stand away from the wall, ball weight as well as how hard to throw it. Do between three and five reps and repeat while facing the other way.
  • Do two to three sets on each side. You’ll feel the contraction in the side furthest from the wall.

Cross-Body Mountain Climber

  • Begin in a high plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists. Engage your core so your body forms a straight line from shoulders to your heels.
  • Engage your glutes and thighs in order to keep your legs straight.
  • Drive your right knee across your chest toward left arm. Quickly step it back to plank position.
  • Immediately drive left knee across chest toward right arm, then quickly step it back into plank position. Continue alternating. Complete 10 reps per side.

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