How to Develop your Clients’ Mental Fitness

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As a professional trainer, your clients will come to you with a variety of goals that they want to achieve, such as bulking up, losing weight or getting a perfectly sculpted set of washboard abs. However, getting there is not easy – nothing worth having is ever easy! This means that in order to achieve their goals, your clients will have to be steadfast and motivated. They will need to be mentally fit.

How do clients become mentally fit?

A life coach can develop a client’s stamina

A life coach is someone that a person will turn to, ask advice from and work things out with. When the client has a bit of a wobbly, feels he or she can’t do something, the life coach will be there, encouraging them, and prompting them to carry on going.

If you, as a personal trainer, have the skills of a life coach, and one of your clients waivers in their commitment to achieving their goals, you’ll be able to build their mental stamina up and get them where they need to be!

As we said above, achieving fitness goals takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Take, for example, developing the perfect six-pack.

What many people believe is that the faithful sit-up is the answer to developing shapely abdominal muscles. Yes, and no… Granted, sit-ups are great for developing and toning your abs but if you have a layer of fat over these muscles you won’t see any difference.

There are other abdominal exercises that you can structure into your clients’ routine such as:

  • The Kettlebell Russian Twist

  • Hanging Knee Raises

  • Rope Crunch

To get one step closer to a shapely mid-section in addition to your ab exercises, your personal training clients will also need to engage in a highly structured cardiovascular workout routine. According to the American College of Sports Medicine to stay fit you need to cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week in blocks of 30 minutes. However, if you want to lose weight you need to step this up.

Your clients will need to be disciplined and structured with their workout routine to see results. This means not skipping training sessions and working out as hard as they can. Excuses can’t become part of their vocabulary!

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