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Every team needs a leader and it takes a special set of skills to excel as one. Being a sports manager is a job with ever-mounting responsibilities to your athletes, your institution and the sporting world as a whole. If you’re not prepared, you may struggle to adjust to the challenges and expectations of the job. Though it is a career path that is essentially accessible to people with an interest in sport from all walks of life, there are some important pre-requisites that an individual should have if you hope to succeed. So, if you have long dreamed of becoming a sports manager, then here are the crucial skills you’ll need for a career in sports administration.

Sport Administration skills

An unwavering passion for your sport

It’s great to be passionate about sport; but for a sports administrator to find any measure of success in their field, they will need to develop a keen interest in the sporting industry as a whole. This means extending your attention beyond next week’s soccer match, being able to see the bigger picture and strategizing your administrative approach accordingly. Your everyday responsibilities will revolve around your sport and your industry, so it’s fairly imperative that you enjoy it. As a leader, you will also need to embody positive emotions such as commitment, dedication and passion in order to drive your team towards their goals.

Excellent communication skills

Communication is crucial in any team sport and if anyone needs to be good at it, it’s the team leader. You need to be able to communicate with your coaches and athletes effectively. A team that doesn’t talk, doesn’t perform well together. However, communication skills are not just about being able to talk to others clearly, but also about listening to them properly and with an open mind. To this end you also have to be ready to accept new ideas when they present themselves, and be able to pass them down the line to your coaches, players or athletes. At the very core of great leadership is inspiring others towards their goals. To get them across to team members, you need to be able to communicate those goals effectively.

An understanding of the human body and the needs of athletes

Most sports administration courses include a comprehensive module in exercise science, which ensures that you know the ins and outs of the human body and its nutritional needs. You need to know how to develop techniques that leverage energy usage and results optimally. Beyond this, you will also need to know how to see to the fitness needs of your athletes, while also implementing techniques that help avoid injuries during or after performances.

People skills

A sports manager often needs to work with athletes who come from diverse backgrounds. You also need to deal with people in a variety of professional and casual settings. This will include athletes, agents, scouts, coaches, the media and medical professionals in settings that range from hospitals to locker rooms to press events and galas. As a result, you will need to be able to deal with people comfortably and professionally. You need to be comfortable addressing people individually, in a group or as a crowd. If you naturally shy away from the limelight, you may find it difficult to adjust to the constant interaction required by this position.

You’ll need to be accredited

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, you’ll need to be properly accredited with a sports administration certification from a recognised fitness college to be able to practice professionally. When sourcing certification, you should look for institutions that are accredited through CATHSSETA to ensure the value of your qualification. Certification accredited by this institute allows you to conduct work as a sports administrator locally or in institutions abroad.

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