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As the understanding of the importance of health and wellness increases, the fitness industry continues to grow and gain popularity. The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted much of the traditional fitness industry, so causing personal trainers and owners of fitness-related businesses to begin offering many of their services virtually.

Running a remote fitness business offers a lot of advantages:

  • You’ll be able to access a broader potential customer base,
  • Clients won’t need to pay a gym membership for your services, as well as
  • There are plenty of passive income opportunities.

Online personal training is now more pertinent than ever. With the huge array of technological options as well as virtual training applications that are available, you are able to pivot to an online personal training business in a few relatively easy steps.

Decide On Your Virtual Fitness Model

The virtual fitness business realm offers a vast array of opportunities in a number of different formats. You will be able to pick the method which suits your business model or combine a few different setups in order to allow clients to choose the style and price point which works best for them.

Possible ways to structure your virtual fitness business include the following:

  • Offer one-on-one personal training, where you are able to coach a client as they work out, often through a video call. The sessions are usually personalised in order to help the client work toward their fitness goals.
  • Lead livestream “group” classes, where a number of different clients can follow along at once.
  • Put together a workout routine (often as a PDF) which customers are able to access after purchasing. These programmes are usually non-personalised and are often written for a target audience such as pregnant women or older adults.
  • Offer pre-recorded workout videos that clients can watch and follow by paying a regular membership fee.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - virtual fitness

Choose The Right Fitness Model

The thought of taking your fitness business online in order to offer virtual training services might be incredibly overwhelming at first. But don’t let the fear of the unidentified stop you from making a positive step forwards into the game-changing aspect of online personal training.

In order to set-up your virtual training space, you’ll require two devices:

  • One device will be utilised as a camera, such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, and it will be utilised as you demonstrate exercises as well as observe your client during the session.
  • The other device will be utilised to type in the client’s work out details, including completed reps as well as other relevant data.

You don’t need to make a large financial investment when it comes to these items. One device with a camera – as well as one that’s capable of running a word processing application (such as Google Docs) – will do.

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