Why Is Flexibility Training Essential For CrossFit Athletes?

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So how important is flexibility training for Cross Fitters? Did you stretch after your recent workout? If you did, given that this type of training is a regular part of your programme, chances are very good that – in time – you will gain a significant advantage over your fellow Cross Fitter at your Box who always heads home as soon as they have finished each session.

Getting significantly stronger and remaining that way is mainly a matter of taking care of the finer details, such as:

  • Training consistently,
  • Designing a workout program which fits your individual needs,
  • eating wholesome foods,
  • taking nutritional supplements, as well as
  • getting plenty of rest.

Most diligent strength athletes take care of these tasks carefully, however at the same time they’re neglectful when it comes to two other disciplines which are most important to success in the weight room: warming up and stretching.

The Importance Of Warming UP

It is incredibly important to perform a proper warm-up before any kind of physical activity.  The aim of a warm-up is to prevent injury by boosting the body’s core and muscle temperature.  Warm muscles boost the rate of energy production which increases reflexes and lessens the time it takes to contract a muscle.

A good warm-up should also enhance the range of motion and prepare you mentally for exercise. Warm-ups should be very specific to the type of exercise which you are doing, however it should be a full body warm-up even if you are only planning to work out a few muscle groups.  For instance, if you are planning to do a leg workout you should be doing a warm-up with mostly lower body exercises, but also include a few upper body/full body exercises.

Why Should You Stretch After Exercise?

Stretching gives the body the opportunity to cool down and also assists your heartbeat to return to normal. The releasing of lactic acid during an intense workout is broken with stretching. This allows for muscle recovery and repair. The blood circulation to the muscles is again resumed with stretching.

The moment that you work out your muscles, the body produces lactic acid which makes the muscles fatigued as well as sore. Hence, it is vital to stretch because stretching removes the lactic acid which has accumulated inside the body and also relaxes the muscles.

Boost Your Energy

If you stretch correctly, you’ll likely notice that your energy level is steady as well as consistent. When the body cools, the brain releases endorphins, which is a natural and healthy feel-good chemical. After a good post-workout stretch, you’ll be energised and will also be ready to meet any challenge.

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