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Mandy Binney Q&A

Mandy Binney

Why did you choose Trifocus Fitness Academy for your college?

My Name is Mandy Carline Binney and I live and breathe fitness. You can ask any member of my family or any one of my friends how dedicated, passionate, committed and motivated I am. It all started about 6 years ago when I decided to change my lifestyle. I lost both parents due to ill health and lack of healthy habits at ages 64 and 61. Then I decided, I wanted to live a longer, healthier lifestyle so I joined Virgin Active. I was never a Sporty Person, an Athlete of any sort, I was overweight and had a low self esteem. When I joined Virgin Active I was an overweight, 58.8kg, and a size 16.

This is my Fitness Journey.


I started by just walking, cycling and rowing as that was all I was capable of doing without passing out. Eventually my fitness levels started increasing and I started with the circuit. Wow, what a workout, even still today. After that I incorporated the weights this was about a year later. I then decided I needed a Personal Trainer, as I could not do this on my own and I did not want to hurt myself, knowing the right techniques.

I then approached Torros Basson, one of the best Trainers at Menlyn. How did I know this you wonder, I watched all of them in that first year, and their clients. Torros had a client who was overweight and after a few months he had lost so much and was well toned. Not only did I see improvements in his clients, Torros worked just as hard at maintaining his fitness. I decided then, that, that was the Trainer I wanted – someone who not only gets results but upholds the image of fitness by executing it himself. Torros would help me with programs – he would train me for 3 days then I would be on my own, go back to him every 8 or so weeks for a new program.

I continued with Torros for about just over a year, the introduction to the weights was awesome, but I wanted more. So I decided to join a Running Club – Love Running. My endurance and stamina grew by the day, I eventually got to run my first 10km. The more I did the more I wanted to do, and this was when I decided I wanted to be a Personal Trainer. I had gone from a size 16 to an 8/10 basically half the person I was, dropped weight from 58,8kg – 48kg. I am currently now 54kg but still a size 8/10. Weight is not an issue for me as I have toned.


We all know that there are setbacks in the Fitness World, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture, which eventually after many x-rays, scans turned out to be nothing, this put me off training of legs for 6 months, I had lost so much time, this pushed me back to the start, I have still not gotten back to where I was before, but every day I try a little bit harder to get there.

Reasons why I became a Personal Trainer

Why is always the question… My main reason for wanting to be a Personal Trainer is to show people that your body can change. You can achieve a better lifestyle, look better with the right exercise and correct nutrition. Everybody’s body is different and to stop looking at magazines and supermodels, because you won’t necessarily ever look like them. You should be the best version of yourself, with hard work, patience and focus, push through. Nothing in life comes easy, you need to work for it.

The results are rewarding. I tell my friends to take the scale and throw it in the bin; I’d rather be heavy and toned than skinny and saggy. Weight has nothing to do with what you look like, you can weigh the same, but lose cm and body fat, and look amazing. I want to empower woman to not be scared of the weights section. The boys are intimidating yes, but if you stand your ground and work hard, you earn the respect you deserve. It takes a while, but soon they will start moving out of your way and stop staring, making you feel uncomfortable. Weights burn so much more, and tone your body; they are 10 times better than just doing the cardio.

I would also like to get the elderly more involved in exercise, even if it is simple little exercises. Even if it is just to increase flexibility so that daily tasks like tying their shoelaces will not be a problem. It will assist them in everyday life, like taking a walk without having to stop for being out of breath. Fitness will help them to be more alive and happy with life. Exercise releases endorphins and you stress less and tend to be a happier person.

I know the fight, he struggle, setbacks and failure, but I also know the success… I want to enrich the minds of others with the knowledge that I have, and the stories of blood, sweat and tears. Being able to associate and let them know that I understand their pain, as I was once in their shoes, is what makes it so great. I want them to be able to look in the mirror and love what they see. I am now more confident than I have ever have been and that is all thanks to fitness.

My Qualifications

  • Certificate in Personal Training through Trifocus Fitness Academy
  • CPR Course through EMT
  • Registered Exercise Professional with the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA)

My Future

My ultimate goal and what matters to me most is changing the lives of others. I want to show them the capabilities of their bodies. Motivating healthier lifestyles, supporting and motivating people who need it most. Being the Best Trainer I can be, leading by example and showing the world, that ordinary can become extraordinary. I am not in this Industry to see how much money there is to be made. I studied so that I can help others become the best versions of themselves by having the knowledge of safety and to always have their best interests at heart. For me it is all about for the transformations, the smiles, the confidence, the appreciation; none of these things can be bought only earned.

Feel Free to view how I motivate and impact lives.

Fitness Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandysfitnesspage

Instagram: titchie81za

What Course did you just complete?

I completed my Personal Training Certificate Last year. CPD courses: Fundamentals of Fitness Business, Pilates Ball and Athletic Nutrition.

What did you enjoy best about this course?

Personal Training : My case Study, being able to train someone. My CPD’s the wealth of knowledge I have gained, enables me to be a better Trainer and providing my clients with the best of me. Trifocus has a learning platform that keeps you interested and coming back for more!

How did you like the online learning material what parts of the online experience did you enjoy the most? (if the question is applicable)

I liked the videos. Sometimes with studying a book can be boring. Even when there are quizzes, the online platform keeps you interested and your hand does not get tired of writing. You stay focused and keep clicking away, eager to know what’s coming next and don’t want to leave your PC because so much more awaits you!

Would you recommend Trifocus to your colleagues and why?

Most Definitely, REPPSA gives us other CPD endorsed colleges, but I came back to Trifocus for my CPD’s. The consultants are great, the Assessors are friendly and make you feel comfortable. Trifocus helps, their courses don’t intimidate their students with knowledge they help you understand it first. Tri-Focus, the name says it all, 3 Focus Points, 1. Passion to be a Fitness Professional, 2. Knowledge, gain the knowledge and you can’t go wrong, 3. Work Ethic, work hard to be the best version of yourself and lastly Focus, Focus these 3 things and you won’t go Wrong!!!

How has becoming qualified with Trifocus improved your Life Style and Wellness out look?

It has helped me to understand that helping someone achieve their goals is better than watching them fail. For me it’s about the smile that the results bring to my clients. The self satisfaction that nobody can buy. When hard work pays off, that is when we Appreciate it most. There are no quick fixes to this lifestyle and when you realise that with the right guidance and knowledge, you have all the power to be the best version of yourself!

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