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Charlote Harmse Q&A

Charlote Harmse

Why did you choose Trifocus Fitness academy for your college?

My local gym suggested a few institutions through whom I can obtain the qualification I was seeking and Trifocus Fitness Academy was one of them. I researched all three the institutions and because Trifocus Fitness Academy provided me with the option to obtain my certification online, made it easy for me to choose Trifocus Fitness Academy. This meant that I can obtain my qualification and it will not have any impact on any of my travel obligations.

What course did you just complete?

I completed my Personal Trainer Certification through Trifocus Fitness Academy in June 2016 and as I am also very interested in the nutritional aspects involved in training and fitness and to better my own understanding in this regard and at the same time provide my clients with valuable information related to the subject I have just complete the Athletic Nutrition Course that also aided me in obtaining valuable CPD Points.

What did you enjoy best about this course?

The thing that I enjoyed most about the course was that it suited my situation 100%. The fact that I travel abroad on a regular basis makes it difficult for me to enrol for a course that requires me to be at one place for a specific and prolonged period of time. The course allowed me to work at my own pace and time from basically anywhere in the world.

How did you like the online learning material what part of the online experience did you enjoy the most?

The online material provided by Trifocus Fitness Academy was very informative and up-to-date. It is also easy to understand and easy to access. I also found it to be structured in a manner that allowed me to work through the material progressively.

Would you recommend Trifocus to your colleagues and why?

Yes, I would definitely suggest Trifocus Fitness Academy to colleagues, friends, family and anyone else who is interested in following a career in the fitness industry. Trifocus Fitness Academy offers candidates a choice of certificate or diploma courses and it also provides candidates with the options of Facilitated training or online training together with attractive pricing and payment options.

How has becoming qualified with Trifocus Fitness Academy improved your Life Style and wellness outlook?

Since becoming qualified through Trifocus my own lifestyle has taken a step in the right direction. In applying the knowledge that I acquired to my own lifestyle I am much more motivated and it provided me with the confidence and knowledge to educate others. It also made me realize how uneducated people are with regards to their lifestyle and wellness. And the fact that I am now able to help them is satisfactory. It even helped me to made changes in my own lifestyle.

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