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Megan King Q&A


Why did you choose Trifocus Fitness Academy for your college?

When I was considering studying Personal Training there were many adverts and posts about Trifocus on different social media platforms. I noticed many professional athletes who studied through Trifocus are a huge success in the industry. It showed me that I had the same goals and dreams of these athletes and I could reach mine through Trifocus Fitness Academy.

What Course did you just complete?

I just completed my Personal Training Certificate and I am currently doing the Personal Training Diploma and Specialized Nutrition Certificate.

What did you enjoy best about this course?

I enjoyed the depth of the course. The course covered a large amount of psychology which I find to be very important in Personal Training as there are many reasons why people train the way they do. Weight has a lot to do with a person’s emotions and I believe it is extremely important to be able to be there for your client emotionally.

How did you like the online learning material what parts of the online experience did you enjoy the most? (if the question is applicable)

I enjoyed the online course because I was able to do it everywhere. I worked a lot while I was studying and this was because I was able to study anytime, anywhere. It’s great being able to have immediate feedback from the online advisors.

Would you recommend Trifocus to your colleagues and why?

Yes, and I have! Trifocus Fitness Academy is affordable, reliable and efficient in every aspect their Training.

How has becoming qualified with Trifocus improved your Life Style and Wellness out look?

Now that I have got my certificate in Personal Training, I am now able to be a partner in a fitness studio which is dream come true for me. I have learnt to be more than a Personal Trainer with this course, its really helped me learn more about a person and I have also learnt a lot about myself.

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