What is Better: Face-to-face Life Coaching Sessions or Online Ones?

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Congratulations on taking the first step to achieving your life-long goals and living a more fulfilled life through professional life coaching sessions! At this point, you’re probably wondering whether you should commit to meeting your life coach in person or if you’d benefit more from attending sessions online. In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of both options. This should give you a better idea as to which is more suitable for you.

Different ways of conducting Life Coaching Sessions

Face-to-face Life Coaching Sessions

In-person life coaching involves physically meeting with your life coach at a pre-determined time and location. This type of life coaching is suited to individuals and life coaches who live and/or work in the same town or city. Coaching sessions are usually longer (between 45 minutes and two hours per session). These  often include printed handouts you can work through at home as well as role play exercises that you can practise with your coach during sessions.

The Pros

  • You get to share a space with your coach, come into contact with their energy and enthusiasm.
  • You’re able to engage with your life coach directly and ask questions as you think of them.
  • You’ll be able to regularly get away from the stresses of home or work for a while.

The Cons

  • You’ll have to wait, in some cases weeks, between life coaching meetings.
  • You might have to travel a fair distance to the location of your life coaching sessions.
  • You’ll need to keep track of your paper printouts in either a file or binder of sorts.

Trifocus fitness academy - life coaching sessions

Online Life Coaching Sessions

Often referred to as ‘virtual’ coaching, online life coaching sessions have been made possible with the increase in Internet accessibility globally. Online life coaching sessions are often much shorter in duration (between 10 and 30 minutes) and involve ‘meeting’ your coach via VOIP (voice over internet protocol) platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts. 

The Pros:

  • You’re able to meet your life coach from anywhere in the world. This capability allows you to be coached by a professional in a different country.
  • Since there’s no travelling involved, sessions can be arranged and facilitated within minutes.
  • Relevant documents can be stored right there on your PC, laptop or smart phone.

The Cons:

  • Online life coaching requires hardware, as well as a stable Internet connection.
  • You’ll probably attend sessions from home or work, meaning you don’t have an outing.
  • You won’t feel the same electric energy over the Internet as you would in person.

Which Type of Life Coaching is Better?

Most life coaching sessions will have an element of digital as correspondence between sessions is usually undertaken via email or telephone. The best approach to life coaching is to have a bit of both.

Clients benefit most when life coaches adopt a hybrid style, using in-person coaching sessions for focused one-on-one training and online coaching for when group sessions are required. When all is said and done, the best life coaching style for you will come down to what you feel most comfortable with.

A life coach worth their salt should be willing to adapt their coaching style to your needs and technological constraints. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re doing it. You’ve taken that step out of your comfort zone, and you’re committing to becoming a better version of you!

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