How Will I Benefit From Having a Life Coach?

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Tony Robbins, Lucinda Bassett and Brian Tracy. You might have heard of these inspirational people at some point. That’s because they’ve changed the lives of countless people through their highly effective life coaching programmes. Most of us can guess why life coaching is a good idea but what about the how – as in how will you benefit from having a life coach?  What tangible changes can we expect in our lives once we partner with them? You’re about to find out…

Life Coaching in a Nutshell

A life coach, in essence, is a professional who helps us move our lives forward when we become stagnant. These are highly motivated people who want nothing more than to re-ignite hidden passions within us so guiding us to reach the personal and professional goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Life coaches are great listeners. They encourage with sincerity and deep understanding. Enlisting the services of a life coach means going into partnership with someone who is going to take us by the shoulders, tell us some hard truths, then build us up – into the people we need to be to achieve greatness.

The Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Everything we want to achieve in our lives relies on three critical components:

  • The first is the goal itself,
  • Second is the plan as to how that goal is going to be achieved, and
  • Third is the actual work put in to action the plan and eventually achieve the goal.

Therefore, our aspirations start as ideas, change into plans, and then transform into actions. A life coach guides us as we move through these phases. They show how to set realistic goals, develop suitable action plans, and follow through with the hard work required to get where we want to go.

Trifocus fitness academy - having a life coach

  1. Setting realistic goals

    Most people have an idea about what they want to achieve with their lives but processing this leads to them feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of it all. Doubts about where to start, how to start, and if these goals are even worth pursuing plague us to the point where we simply put them aside or – even worse – abandon them altogether. A life coach takes these life goals we have, regardless of how crazy they might sound, and helps us process them into actionable steps.


  2. Developing action plans

    Once we’ve discussed our aspirations with a life coach, and realised that they aren’t as far-fetched as we originally thought, the next benefit is that we’ll get help with putting a plan together for achieving these goals. This is where a life coach will draw on his or her years of practical experience, leveraging any and all resources they might have at their disposal, to develop an action plan for their clients. This details actual steps that will need to be taken to get where you want to be and expected timeframes for each of these steps.


  3. Working towards achievement

    Once we’ve realised our goals are within reach, and we have a visual ‘map’ of how we’re going to achieve them and by when, the hard work starts – actually working on them. This part is the toughest for most people but certainly is the most rewarding. A life coach will be able to guide you with tips and tricks to increase your productivity, freeing up more of your time, and making the most of the free time you have available. With a life coach in your corner, you’ll soon realise that you are braver than you know, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Show others how they can benefit from life coaching by becoming a life coach yourself. Enrol in Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Life Coaching Certification and see what the exciting world of life coaching has to offer!

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