How can life coaching make a difference?

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We’re sure that you’ve been in a situation at some time in your life where you feel like you’re in a rut. It could be due to a relationship that you’re in or a situation at work where you’re struggling to get on with a colleague.

You may feel like there’s no challenge left in the work that you do and you’re at a loss as to if you should move on or even make a career change. You could even be piling on the kilos and wonder whether or not it’s worthwhile to join a gym and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The trouble is that you don’t feel like you can go it alone. You need a person to walk this path with you, someone to listen and to be your sounding board.

In all of these instances, a professional, trained life coach can be the difference between getting out of that rut and riding that prove even deeper into the ground. Countless people will attest to the fact that, at the end of the day, all they needed was a professional, positive ear to listen, an objective individual to help them through that sticky patch or big decision. This is how professional life coaching can make a difference in a person’s life.

How can life coaching help an individual?

There are many ways in which life coaching can help a person. Whether it’s about learning skills or even a life skill for the first time or whether it’s about improving a certain skill or unlearning an undesirable trait, life coaching can assist an individual in identifying and reaching their goals.

How long does life coaching last?

Life coaching could last for one session or continue for years depending on the individual, the goals and the obstacles in a person’s way. Some people attend life coaching sessions sporadically. Every situation is unique and is as unique as the person requesting the life coaching session.

Life coaching can ve seen as a journey. Sometimes an individual will consult a life coach in respect of a specific problem or obstacle that they’re facing. As the relationship between coach as well as the client grows, the coach’s credibility grows. Trust is like a magnet – it draws the client back for further encouragement, input and motivation.

Do all life coaches use the same approach?

No, they don’t. Each life coach develops their own style and methods of achieving coaching success. Because coaches come from different backgrounds they seem to practice coaching on the basis of what seems to work for them rather than from a specific theoretical viewpoint.

We often get asked the question if life coaching is the same thing as counselling is. In some respects, these two activities are indeed similar because the goal with both is for the client to lead an enriching, fulfilling life. Counselling and life coaching leave the process of decision-making in the client’s court. It’s up to them to make a decision to change their lives for the better and to adopt position steps towards doing so.

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