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A lot of people get the terms ‘life coaching’ and ‘psychotherapy’ confused and often they think that they are one and the same thing. During psychotherapy sessions – which people call ‘therapy’ for short – you talk about certain issues during the time you have with your psychologist. The goal of this is to find solutions however, the therapist isn’t the one giving these answers. They are merely your guide in the process. Through the process of talking about the problem and unpacking it, you find the solution yourself.

Life coaching, on the other hand, is about the life coach giving you practical solutions so that you can better navigate your life so that you can achieve the goals that you’ve set out to accomplish. While a therapist doesn’t give advice, your life coach is an active participant in your sessions. They are equipped with a number of tools so that they can coach you through the areas of your life which you are finding challenging.

A psychologist is an allied medical professional

Another huge difference between psychotherapy and life coaching is that a psychology is a medically aligned field. They are registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and you can claim these sessions back from medical aid if you belong to such a scheme. A life coach is not a medically trained professional however, they are very well trained in the soft skills that are necessary in order to assist their clients in their life’s path.

So let’s get back to the reasons why doing a life coaching course would be a phenomenal idea for you.

First of all, it equips you with the necessary skills that are required for you to help others (as well as yourself) lead a more fulfilling life. Even if you don’t want to become a life coach yourself and concentrate on this as your career, the skills that you will learn on this course will help you to take a good look at your own life, see if there is anything that is stopping you from attaining your full potential and giving you the tools so that you can remove these blockages.

One of the greatest things about doing a life coaching course is that you don’t have to put your life on hold while you study. This is especially true with our Life Coaching Course as it is conducted online.

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The superb benefits of our life coaching course

If becoming a life coach really does tickle your fancy and you want to pursue this as a career, what we’ve done – with our Life Coaching Package – is including courses in it which will help your business get to the next level.

Entrepreneurship Course

The first course that we’ve included in the package is our Entrepreneurship Course. We’ve found that life coaches who decide to start their own practices are brilliant at their jobs, however they don’t know the first thing about running a business.

Thus, the Entrepreneurship Course equips wanna-be life coaches with the essential tools that they need in order to run a successful business.

Social Media Marketing Course

In addition to the Entrepreneurship Course, we’ve included our highly acclaimed Social Media Marketing Course. With over a billion people being on the various social media platforms, getting yourself out there has become easier than ever before. And because, as a life coach, you can offer sessions via video conferencing you can have clients anywhere in the world. This makes social media the best platform to find these international clients.

The Social Media Marketing Course will teach you how to make use of the various social media platforms and to make sure that you use these very powerful platforms to benefit your business immensely.

Life Coaching Course made easy

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