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Feeling stressed is a sensation that we all go through from time to time. Maybe a situation or event is triggering stress. Alternatively, perhaps it’s our reaction to something which is causing us to feel overwhelmed. Whatever the reason is, stress affects all of us.

For some of us, however, stress is a recurring problem. Over time this can seriously affect our health and well-being. There are many ways we can learn to handle with stress better. These include developing emotional resilience as well as introducing more rest and relaxation into our routines. However, sometimes we need support.

The negative effects of stress

Stress can effortlessly put you in place in which where you’re just reacting. With stress management life coaching you’ll learn how to stop as well as gain control of your life. The life coaching relationship creates a space where you can take stock of what’s occurring in you. The next step is for you to come up with ways to reclaim serenity.

Stress has developed into a rampant part of our lives in recent years. It is part of the day-to-day life of almost every individual. However, if you don’t face it head-on you might end up with chronic stress or perhaps even burnout. This condition strips away every single coping resource you might have – mental, physical as well as emotional. This can be the genesis of serious health problems such as depression in addition to stroke.

Stress management

In order to manage stress, it is necessary for you to be in control of your attitude as well as a state of being. Feeling overwhelmed in addition to out of control will only add to your stress levels. Every time you think or, or alternatively, say “I am unable to cope with this” or “I am unable to handle this”, your fight-or-flight response turns up a notch. With stress life coaching, you will learn the skills to control stress reactions and triggers which will help you realize that you can actually cope.

A stress management life coach equips you with the tools in order to assist you with relaxing and focusing. With life coaching, you learn the best way to manage the demands which are placed on you. There are proven techniques to assist you in reducing your stress, particularly with meditation. However, a stress management life coach takes a look at your causes of stress too. Often the coach finds ways for you to give yourself a break. With coaching it’s possible to take control as well as create a happier life.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - stress levels

Stress management techniques

Here are a number of stress management techniques straight from our expert life coaches.

Attempt to eliminate the stressors

Whether or not you are experiencing an intolerable level of stress depends on the severity of the situation as well as the person experiencing it. The manner in which you perceive as well as think about a stressor can also result in a big impact on the manner in which you respond.

It’s not always feasible to escape a situation which is stressful or to avoid a problem however you can try to lessen the stress which you are feeling. Assess if you can change the situation that is causing you stress, possibly by dropping some responsibility, relaxing your standards or requesting help.

Cultivate social support

Strong social support can enhance resilience to stress. Reach out deliberately. Some friends or, alternatively family members, maybe good at listening as well as sympathising. Others might excel at practical help, such as making a home-cooked meal or providing an hour of child care. Giving support can also increase positive emotions as well as decrease negative emotions. Just be sure that your relationships remain in balance. A friend who needs support but never gives it may serve to increase your stress level.

Seek good nutrition

When given a stressor, the central nervous system (CNS) releases adrenaline and cortisol. These two affect the digestive tract in addition to other physiological changes. Acute stress can take away a person’s appetite however the release of cortisol during chronic stress can cause fat as well as sugar cravings. Research also makes the suggestion that high cortisol in addition to high sugar consumption may prompt the deposit of fat around our internal organs.

A diet that is high in a variety of nutrients can both protect a person’s health as well as provide more physical energy in order to deal with life’s challenges. Aim to consume a rainbow of fruits as well as vegetables as part of your daily diet.

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