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Stress is ever-present in the world we live in today. Whether it is work, money or relationship related, we all experience it. Studies have shown that 75-90% of doctors’ visits are due to stress. But with the help of a life coach, you can understand and manage your stress levels.

How does life coaching help?

Through a series of conversations, a life coach will ask you questions to help you understand where your stress is coming from. Based on the root causes of your stress, they can then offer strategies and coping techniques to handle these causes and their effects.

Help to understand your stress response

When you find that you are in a complicated situation, your fight-or-flight response is triggered. This means that stress hormones flood your system and your brain has to decide whether it wants to face the situation or escape.

A life coach will help you to identify your physical and mental reactions.

Help to identify your stress triggers

The life coach will help you identify the situations, events and people that cause these stress responses. The coach can then help you set boundaries to reduce the chances of your stress responses being triggered, like not seeing certain people and avoiding certain places.

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Help to manage your response

We can’t always control the situation we find ourselves in or the people we are around. We end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, our energy levels run out quickly and our stress levels increase exponentially.

The life coach will help you understand how your feelings are making the situation a lot more stressful than it already is. They will help you manage these feelings and tap into your energy reserves.

Help you manage stress long-term

Sadly, you can’t always depend on someone else to manage your stress for you. While managing stress can be stressful in itself, life coaches can teach you how to calm your mind and body on your own.

They will teach you techniques that you can try when faced with a stressful situation, like breathing, visualisation and mindful meditation. By practising these techniques regularly, you will develop neurological shifts in your brain.

These neurological responses will change the way you respond to the causes of your stress levels.

Being stressed often influences the way we perform our daily duties. Whether it is maintaining relationships, meeting deadlines at work or money-related, stress can have a major negative impact. With a life coach, you can tap into your stress levels and learn to manage them. Through the right management, you will be able to improve your self-awareness and the way you handle stressful situations and your reactions to them.

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