How To Stay Grateful During Challenging Times?

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Gratitude is what makes sure that our good days feel even better but, more importantly, it is the tool which gets us over the bad days. Feeling grateful will not immediately return you to joyful bliss, and it won’t make you completely forget the difficult times. It would be foolish to advise you to focus on the rainbow at the end when the storm is difficult to ignore. Instead of being a “cure-all” during difficult times, gratitude is a tool which can help us get through, even if we’re not sure we can.

By being more appreciative for what we do have, it is possible for us to increase our happiness by 25%.  We have discovered that a person who encounters gratitude has the ability to cope more effectively with everyday stress. In addition, they may show boosted resilience in the face of trauma-induced stress and may recover more quickly from illness as well as benefit from greater physical health. Gratitude is one of the few things that can change people’s lives in a measurable way.

Feeling Grateful Vs Being Grateful

It is very important to make a clear distinction between feeling grateful and being grateful. We don’t have full control over our emotions. We are not easily able to will ourselves to feel grateful, less depressed or – alternatively – happy. Feelings follow from the way in which we look at the world, thoughts we have regarding the way things are, the way in which things should be as well as the distance between these two points.

However, being grateful is a choice. It is a prevailing attitude that endures and is also relatively immune to the gains and losses which flow in and out of our lives. When disaster should strike, gratitude provides a perspective from which we will be able view life in its entirety and not be swamped by temporary circumstances. Yes, this perspective is hard to achieve. However, research says it is worth the effort.

Stop Worrying About What You Don’t Have

Start being happy for what you have. We’re all given a glass with a specific amount of water, and it’s up to us to make the decision about whether it’s full or empty. We have the power not only to see the glass one way or another, but also the power to alter the reality of the water we do have. When a glass is half full, you really do feel as if you have more.

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Start Small

When you find yourself in one of those times when zero is going right, find any little thing which is going right and then cling to it:

  • A sunny afternoon,
  • A friend who gives you an unexpected call,
  • The capacity to breathe,
  • A delicious meal.

If you think about it. These “little things” are really not “little” at all. Many things, which feel so normal, are they’re often overlooked. However, these “little” things frequently become the most important and meaningful parts of our lives. Make a note of everything you can find to be grateful for (no matter how small) and begin seeking out more small things to feel grateful for every day.

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