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If you’re struggling with self-doubt, it’s very likely that you are focusing on mistakes which you’ve made in the past. Alternatively, you could be focusing on the negative feedback which you’ve gotten in early years. And everything you do, think and feel goes through that filter of self-doubt. As a result, you will be setting yourself up to fail before you’ve even begun.

Some life coaches call it the inner voice of self-doubt. The Saboteur, The Gremlin. The Judge. The Mean Girl. or even the jerk who lives in my head. There are lots of terms for this self-doubt and today we’ll use the Inner Critic. This inner critic concept is often one of the first things life coaches share with their clients. And they all tell their coaches over and over how helpful this is to manage their fears.

Rising Above Your Negative Thoughts

It’s exceptionally challenging for most of us to rise above our own excuses and get out of our comfort zone. It could feel impossible to do and it doesn’t help when self-doubt moves in and clouds our thoughts. However, you are able to conquer self-doubt and accomplish what you actually want in your life.

Living the life that you want doesn’t mean you need to forsake the things which you are absolutely comfortable with. After all, you’ve reached where you are – at the current moment – by doing many of those things.

The very first step in establishing something new for yourself is recognising that you have a want to experience something different and that you’re be okay with it. No judgement, just awareness.

When we allow ourselves the permission to dream and think of all the things we want to do, three very common emotions tend to show up, and attempt to throw us off track.

Develop Trust

Trust yourself and utilise what you have inside in order to create. With the correct attitude you are able to bring any goal into being. It’s all a matter of perspective. So trust yourself, listen to your inner muse and try again.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - Self-Doubt

Balance The Negative With The Positive

If you are finding that self-doubt voices of the very critical gremlins (both inner as well as your outer ones) are far too vocal, drown them out so that you are not able to hear them (or at least balance them) with your own songs of self-praise and motivation. You deserve this! You deserve to live in a mind which doesn’t attack you.

This can be quite difficult when you’re in a real bad mood and find it challenging to access reassuring words for yourself. In order to respond to these voices you may find it useful to note down 5 to 10 positive aspects about yourself in a handy small notepad.

Whenever the gremlins strike with their damaging remarks of “You’re not good enough,” take out your book and read out loud words of praise for yourself.

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